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Maths Formulas with Calculator 1.0.33 Apk Mod Ad Free

Maths Formulas with Calculator Apk Mod
NameMaths Formulas with Calculator 1.0.33 Apk Mod Ad Free
Updated07 Jan 2020
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.2 and up
Google Playcom.droidfoundry.calculator
Size5.10 Mb
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Maths Formulas with Calculator Mod Apk

A scientific calculator that incorporates maths formulas can be a great tool for education. You will find more than 1,000 formulae organized neatly. In-Built has both a scientific and a standard mode. This app features both a scientific and standard mode.


* Basic calculations like division, subtraction and multiplication.

* Complex scientific calculations such as logarithmic trigonometric or exponential functions

* Available in Dark and Light themes with different colours

* Choose between degrees and radians

Maths Formulas

* Algebra: Factoring roots powers complex numbers and equations

* Geometry : Cone Cylinder Square Sphere Rectangle Triangle Trapezoid. Etc...

* Analytical Geometry : Circle Hyperbola Ellipse Parabola etc...

* Integr Functions: Property of Integration rational Functions Trigonometric Functions Hyperbolic Functions Exponential, and Log functions

* Property of Derrivations : Derivation properties general derivative hyperbolic, inverse hyperbolic functions and etc...

* Trigonometry Sine and cosine rule Table of angle transformations Euler's formula, etc.

* Laplace Transform: Property and Functions for Laplace transformation

* Numerical methods: Roots for Equation Numerical Integr Lagrange, and Newton's Interpolation

* Probability: Expectation Variance Distribution Permutation, Combination etc...

* Fourier series: Fourier transformation operations and Table of Fourier transform

* Series: Arithmetic Series Finite Series and Binomial Series.

* Formulas Search Functionality

* Matrices: Inverse Transpose Addition Multiplication of a Matrix

* Equations Linear Quadratic Exponential log Equations and InEquations

* Surface Area 3D Geometry Coordinated Geometry Logarithms Circulars Planes

Maths Application

* Number Base Converter: Binary Decimal Octal, and HexaDecimal Converts

* Number Series Generator: Arithmetic Series Geometric Series Fibonacci Series

* Volume Calculation: Volume of the Cone Cylinder Rectangle Tent and Trapezoid

Area Calculation: Area of Trapezoid and Circle Rectangle Triangle.

* Roman numerals: Decimal Number to Roman Numeric Converter.

* Ratio Calculator

* Calculator for Proportions

* Fraction to Decimal Converter

* GCD/LCM Calculator

* Random Number Generator

P.S Maths Formulas and Calculator was created with a wide audience in mind, including students engineers and professionals. It is an indispensable daily utility that anyone who finds it hard to track all the important engineering formulas or maths can use. App also includes a Scientific Calculator and Maths Applications and Converter. We appreciate your continued support. In future updates, we will add many more features and formulas.

Maths Formulas with Calculator Mod ApkDownload Maths Formulas with Calculator Mod Apk

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