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Scientific Calculator - Fx 570vn Plus 3.7.7 Apk Ad Free

HiEdu Scientific Calculator : He-570 Apk Mod
NameScientific Calculator - Fx 570vn Plus 3.7.7 Apk Ad Free
Updated09 Jul 2018
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperHiEdu - Development scientific calculator
Google Playcom.buta.caculator
Size5.6 mb
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HiEdu Scientific Calculator Mod Apk

HiEdu Scientific Calculator He-570 is a solver app that helps with various problems, including algebra trigonometry statistics complex matrix vector and others using advanced AI-powered math solvers. Just enter a problem in the app. The HiEdu Scientific Calculator problem solving tool instantly detects your problem and provides step-by-step instructions to help you solve it. You can quickly look up similar concepts. You can get help for your homework and confidence when mastering the techniques.

Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator app is compatible with most features of real calculators. It supports the following: Calculator for Fractions, algebra and derivative calculator, square root calculator calculator with exponents calculator log calculator with remainder calculator, division calculator with variables. The calculator also supports factorial absolute combination permutation... to make it easy to calculate.

Natural Display allows you to enter and display fractions as well as certain functions (logx2x3xxx x) x-1 10e e/dx S Abs ...) exactly like they appear in your textbook

* Interactive Step-by-Step instructions and graphing calculator

* Select a calculation from the list history to save it and then edit it

* Save favorite calculations to make it easier to calculate

Standard calculator

* It is an excellent tool to perform daily calculations, such as independent memory (M-), figuring percentages using memory functions that are similar to small handheld calculators.

* Income Tax Calculator: Personal income tax calculation tax return calculator sales tax calculator

Calculation of complex numbers

Complex can be used to calculate complex numbers by multiplying and divising complex numbers.

Matrix calculator

The main job of this program is to calculate mathematical matrices

Supported operations for matrix operations: matrix invert calculator matrix determinant matrial addition matrix subtraction matrix matrix multiplication matrix matrix transposition

Vector calculation

The calculator app offers many functions, including vector calculation and cross product calculations calculate dot product vector angle between two vectors

Graphing Calculator

* You can easily graph functions like: Drawing graph graphing calculators locate special points of functions

Find the solution to the equation

* Solve quadratic equations

* Solve cubic equations

* Solve Inequalities

* Find the solution to all equations


* Conversions available in units include:

Conversion of currency

Temperature converter

Length converter


Speed converter

Area conversion

Cooking Volume

Pressure converter

Power converter


Time converter

Fuel Consumption converter

Conversion to digital storage

Math formulas

* The app contains 1000 mathematical formulas and many more.

This app will let you store all your math formulas in one place.

Formulas will be explained very clearly in the app. The necessary numbers will make it easy to comprehend.

Physics formulas

This application can be used as a handbook. This app contains most of the physical formulas that undergraduate students need to quickly reference for any Physics formulas.

Note: The apps aren't related to any physical calculators like the casio scientific and hp scientific, texas and calcas.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator Mod ApkDownload HiEdu Scientific Calculator Mod Apk

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