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1300 Math Formulas Mega Pack 1.4.0 Apk Ad Free

1300 Math Formulas Mega Pack Apk Mod
Name1300 Math Formulas Mega Pack 1.4.0 Apk Ad Free
Updated30 Jun 2018
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperStudy Apps
Google Playcom.studyapps.mathen
Size22 Mb
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1300 Math Formulas: All in One Mod Apk

The best collection of 1300 Math Formulas. All Formulas in one app! To study mathematics offline, you can use 1300 Math Formulas.

Any question can be solved with maths

These math formulas are included in this app:

Number sets

- Create Identities

- Numbers in Sets

- Basic Identifications

Complex Numbers


- Formulas for Factoring

- Formulation of Products

- Powers




- Inequalities

- Formulae for compound interest


Right Triangle

Isosceles Triangle

Equilateral Triangle

- Scalene Triangle


- Rectangle




Isosceles Trapezoid

Isosceles Trapezoid and Inscribed Circle

Trapezoid and Inscribed Circle


- Cyclic Quadrilateral

- Tangential Quadrilateral

- The General Quadrilateral

- Hexagon Regular

- Regular Polygon


- The Sector of the Circle

Segment of the Circle


- Rectangular Parallelepiped

- Prism

- Regular Tetrahedron

- Regular Pyramid

- The Frustum of the Regulat Pyramid

- Rectangular Right Wedge

Platonic Solids

Right Circular Cylinder

- Right Circular Cylinder and Oblique Plane Face

Right Circular Cone

- The Frustum of the Right Circular Cone


Spherical Cap

Spherical Sector

- Spherical segment

Spherical wedge

- Ellipsoid

Circular Torus


Radian and Degree Measures for Angles

- Trigonometric Functions Definitions and Graphs

- Trigonometric Functions Signs

Trigonometric Functions for Common Angles

- Most Important Formulas

Reduction Formulas

- Periodicity Trigonometric Functions

Relationships between Trigonometric Functions

- Subtraction and Addition Formulas

Double Angle Formulas

Multi Angle Formulas

Half Angle Formulas

- Half Angle Tangent Identities

- Transformation of Trigonometric Expressions into Product

- Transformation of Trigonometric Expressions into Sum

Powers of Trigonometric Functions

- Inverse Trigonometric Functions Principal Values

Relations Between Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Equations

Hyperbolic Functions and their Relationships

Matrices and determinants

- Determinants

- The Properties of Determinants

- Matrix

Operation with Matrices

- System of Linear Equations


- Vector Coordinates

- Vector Addition

- Vector Subtraction

Scaling Vectors

- Scalar Product

Vector Product

Triple Product

Analytic Geometry

- A One-Dimensional Coordinate System

- The Two-Dimensional Coordinate System

Straight Line in Plane


- Ellipse



- 3-Dimensional Coordinate System

- Flight

Straight Line In Space

Quadric Surface


Differential Calculus

- Functions and their Graphs

Limits of Functions

Definition and properties of the derivative

- Table Of Derivatives

- Higher Order Derivatives

- Derivatives and their application

- Multivariable Functions

- Operators Differential

Integral Calculus

- Indefinite Integral

- Integrations of Rational Functions

- Integrations of Irrational Functions

- Integrations of Trigonometric Functions

- Hyperbolic Functions Integrals

- Integrations of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

- Formulas for Reduction

- The Definitive Integral

- Improper Integral

- Double Integral

- Triple Integral

Line Integral

- Surface Integral

Differential equations

- The First Order of Differential Equations

- Ordinary Differential Equations of Second Order

- A few partial differential equations


Arithmetic Series

Geometric Series

- A Few Finite Series

- Infinite Series

- The Properties of the Convergent Series

Convergence tests

- Alternating Series

Power Series

- Integration and Differentiation of Power Series

Taylor and Maclaurin Series

- Binomial Series

- Fourier Series


- Combinations and Permutations

Probability formulas

Get All Formulas in One App.

To learn math offline, 300 Math Formulas. Discover our huge collection of math formulas. Maths answers for every question.

1300 Math Formulas: All in One Mod ApkDownload 1300 Math Formulas: All in One Mod Apk

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