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Yang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. Yang 1.0.10 Apk Unlocked Mod

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. Yang Apk Mod
NameYang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. Yang 1.0.10 Apk Unlocked Mod
Updated15 Mar 2021
CategoryApps > Health & Fitness
Requires Android4.1 and up
Google Playcom.ymaa.taichibegin_1
Size3.78 MB
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Yang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. Yang Mod Apk

60 minutes of video! Master Yang will guide you through the entire Yang-style Tai Chi form. Part I of Yang Form. Purchase $9.99 in-app to access 2.5 hours video lessons from the $40 DVD

* Download or Stream video lessons

* Low impact, beginner-friendly movements

Follow-along videos for two and a quarter hours

English narration and English subtitles

* Tai Chi Styles can use the Basic Principles

Master Yang will teach you how to tai-chi in private classes. Tai Chi Chuan, a form of meditation that moves with ancient Chinese martial arts roots, is also known as Tai Chi Chuan. Yang Jwing-Ming, a world-renowned master of Tai Chi & Qigong, guides you through an easy-to-follow series of Tai Chi moves. The Yang family can trace Dr. Yang's lineage in tai-chi back through Grandmaster Kao Tao, (Gao Tao) and Yue Huanzhi(Le Huan Zhi), an indoor disciple to Yang Chengfu (“Yang Cheng Fu”).

You can get all the Part 1 videos for free with this app. You can practice Master Yang''s Tai Chi exercises on your tablet or phone. You can take this handy tool with you wherever you go to be able to perform powerful Tai Chi exercises whenever your schedule allows.

Master Yang will show you Part One in the Yang Style Tai Chi Form. This section is often repeated many times over by students before they move on to the next part.

These amazing Tai Chi exercises are perfect for beginners or experts. Reduced stress, a better immune system, and greater awareness of your breath and coordination will all result.

Tai Chi Chuan, or Taijiquan is shorthand for Tai Chi Chuan and Taijiquan. This literally translates to Chinese as "Grand Ultimate fist". Tai Chi, a Chinese internal martial art of Chinese martial arts, can be traced back at the Chen family and the Daoists on Wudang Mountain.

According to the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, regular Tai Chi practice can lead to greater vigor, flexibility and well-being. Tai Chi has also been shown to have a positive impact on your heart bone health as well as the immune system, muscles and brain.

Tai Chi can be slow-practiced for health reasons. Qi-Gong means energy-work. Qigong, also known as chi kung, is an ancient technique for increasing the Qi in the body and then circulating that energy throughout the body to promote health and rejuvenation. While some Qigong may be done standing or sitting, others can be performed as a form of meditation. The gentle Qigong practice is an effective way to decrease stress, increase energy and heal. It can also improve the quality of your life.

Qigong improves your body's energy supply and circulation by increasing the energy flow through energy channels known as meridians. Sometimes, Qigong can be called "acupuncture without needles".

Yoga Qigong, which is similar to yoga Qigong, stimulates the whole body with low-impact movements and builds a deeper mind/body connection. These slow, relaxed movements have been widely acknowledged for their benefits to health. They strengthen the inner organs, bones, and joints and provide abundant energy.

People suffering from insomnia, stress-related disorders or back pain can use Qigong to help them.

We are grateful that you downloaded our app for free! Our goal is to create the most useful video app possible.


The team from YMAA Publication Center Inc.

(Yang’s Martial Arts Association).

CONTACT: apps@ymaa.com

VISIT: www.YMAA.com

WATCH: www.YouTube.com/ymaa

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