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Trojan War 2.5.3 Apk Mod

Trojan War: Rise of the legendary Sparta Apk Mod
NameTrojan War 2.5.3 Apk Mod
Updated26 Sep 2023
CategoryGames > Strategy
Requires Android5.0 and up
Google Playcom.megaadsgames.trojanwar
Size173.94 MB
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Trojan War: Rise of the legendary Sparta Mod Apk

Trojan War

The PvP tournament has been launched.
This strategy game was created for Android smartphones and tablets. Take command of the Sparta army (Greece), to win the Battle to Conquer Troy and bring Queen Helen home.

Trojan Wars Introduction

Trojan War was downloaded millions of times on Google Play in such a brief time.

You will be leading a Greek armoury on the way to capture Troy and get Queen Helen back.

You will be able to have additional types of troops after each territory. You can also use coins to purchase gods items to boost your power.

You must balance your armys food supply. The Trojan Horse can be used to fortify the base or to attack the tower.

Trojan War: Rise of the legendary Sparta Mod Apk

Trojan War Features

The commanding flag can be used to control the behaviour of the army.

Touch controls allow soldiers to control their abilities by controlling them with touch controls.

To increase your stats, level up and equip you with the most powerful gear.

12 Olympian spells in the magic book

Five divine artifacts of God armor upgrades with special powers.

Discover the Ancient World in Greek Mythology.

Monthly and weekly tournaments

Download Trojan War: Rise of the legendary Sparta Mod Apk


  • Hunter
  • The Swordman
  • Bowman
  • Hoplite
  • Priest
  • Cyclops
  • Trojan Horse

The History of the Trojan War

In Greek mythology, the Trojan War is a well-known war that lasted ten years and never ended. King Menelaus, the Greek King of Sparta (King of Greece), was the one who initiated the war. His wife Queen Helen was taken by second Prince of Trojan Paris.

Because Troy had to be conquered, it was difficult because troops had to travel across mountains and deserts. The famous fortified Troy was constructed by Poseidon and Apollo along with an army under the command of Hector the brother prince from Paris.

The Greeks couldnt defeat Troy after 10 years of war in Troy so they decided to use Odysseys strategy to cut wood and make a trojan horse. They then had to pretend that the Greeks were withdrawing to leave one man. He deceived Troys troops into believing that the wooden horses they saw were gifts from the Greek army in return for Athenas statue. The horse actually has a lot of soldiers. After the victory feast, the Troy became full and the Greeks on horseback broke free to open the doors of the outside. The wooden horse was the key to victory for the Greeks and their complete defeat of the enemy.

Odysseus, one of the most powerful Greek soldiers in the Trojan War was a great example. His reputation as a trusted advisor and counselor was unmatched. Odysseus, who is the main character of the return journey to Ithaca after the Trojan War, has been remembered as the hero. His journey lasted ten years. He encountered many difficulties on the return journey, including 6-headed storm monsters...

Trojan War, a strategy game, is about the historical battle between the Greek army and Odysseus return home.

The Trojan War Game:

Its easy to learn, but it can be challenging

There are hundreds of levels, from simple to hard, and many game scripts.

Amazing 3D graphics with epic sound effects

The game features of the games are continually updated

Keep checking back for new updates.

Gaming Tips

Buy troops with meat that is balanced

To increase the strength of your army, buy troops

Each soldiers power can be upgraded

Additional armor and weapons can be purchased for every soldier

- Choose the right tactics to win each game.

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