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Tonal Tinnitus Therapy Apk Mod 4.7.1 Unlimited Premium

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy Apk Mod
NameTonal Tinnitus Therapy Apk Mod 4.7.1 Unlimited Premium
Updated16 Apr 2024
CategoryApps > medical
Mod InfoUnlimited Usage License
Requires Android4.1 and up
Google Playnl.appyhapps.tinnitusmassage
Size18.82 MB
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Tonal Tinnitus Therapy Mod Apk is a treatment that can be used to treat your condition. It is based on the principles of acoustic neuromodulation.

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy Mod Apk

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy Premium Overview

You can read about it at: http://content.iospress.com/articles/restorative-neurology-and-neuroscience/rnn110218 Tonal Tinnitus Therapy cannot be used when your Tinnitus tone has a frequency above 15000 Hz. Although it is not possible to use acoustic neuromodulation at frequencies above 10000Hz, some people find the treatment helpful. You can find many experiences on the internet.

Hyperacusis is a condition that can cause you to be cautious when using this app. Begin with very brief periods and a low volume. If the therapy tones have negative side effects, stop using the app.

To make the experience more enjoyable, you can also add white noise, pink noise, or brown noise. The therapy tone volume can be reduced to zero to make masking noise.

It is easy to use: First, find your dominant Tinnitus tone frequency. You can adjust the frequency to match your tone by using the app. It is important to take your time and find the correct frequency. If you do not have the frequency that you want, it is possible to check your selection again.

It can configure four therapy tones, two below and one above your Tinnitus tone.

These therapy tones are used in a series of 12 to trigger Acoustic Neuromodulation. The interval is short to reset the Tinnitus tone. You must ensure that you can hear all the therapy tones at the same volume before you begin playing this series. If necessary, you can adjust the volume for each therapy tone. You can then start to play the therapy tones. You can adjust the volume of the left or right channel on the main screen while you are playing. The main screen can be closed and then reopened whenever you like. The therapy tones are played in the background. You can see the icon of the app in the notification bar as it runs.

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Listening to therapy tones for at most four hours per day is recommended. You can see how many hours you have listened to the therapy tones each day on your app. Some individuals notice positive changes after a single day, while others see improvements after several weeks and months. Others never see any.

The app will stop playing if you remove the headset from your headset. The app will resume playing if you reconnect the headset.

You are responsible for the consequences of using this app. Before you download the app, read the information about Acoustic Neuromodulation. Stop using the app immediately if it causes you discomfort.

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