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The Captain is Dead 1.0 Apk Paid Mod

The Captain is Dead Apk Mod
NameThe Captain is Dead 1.0 Apk Paid Mod
Updated08 Feb 2021
CategoryBoard > Games
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperThunderbox Entertainment Ltd.
Google Playcom.Thunderbox.TCID
Size157.06 MB
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The Captain is Dead Mod Apk

You are the captain of a crew on board game Captain is Dead. Or you'll share in the fate of the Captain by failing to coordinate the crew and repair vital systems. You must coordinate the crew to repair critical systems and fend off hostile aliens.

Take the captain's seat and lead the crew. You will need to use the skills of each member to your advantage if you are to survive.

Admiral is a master of planning and evasion.

Cyborg- Immunized against the strange forces deep space.

Crewman- Very easy to get killed... but there's an endless supply!

Counselor Can use skills to maximize your chances of success.

Ensign- Fast learner, even faster runner.

Chief Engineer Can repair the ship quickly.

Soldier A specialist in taking out aliens.

More to come!


Protect your ship from an alien enemy that wants to destroy you! You have the best systems available to assist you...

Bridge- Check for dangers, repair shields, and communicate with your team.

Warroom The Captain made plans ahead of time and created emergency dossiers for you.

Armory: Destroy other ships using torpedoes, and activate auto-turrets in order to repel borderers.

Core- Strengthen your team with skill.

Cargo Hold- Open the cargo pods to find laser scanners and other useful gear.

Infirmary - Heand's dead Jim! It's a simple flesh wound. This can be repaired.

Science Lab Upgrade your ship, and investigate strange sub-space anomalies.

Engineering Fixing the Jump Core will get you out of there!


You can repel aliens, keep your crew cool and operate the Jump Core long enough for repairs to be made. Then you will be able to activate the engines to escape to Hyperspace.

Oder is Warp Speed it? It's something I cannot remember...

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