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Scientific Calculator Classic ad-free 3.9.0 Apk

NameScientific Calculator Classic ad-free 3.9.0 Apk
Updated28 Nov 2019
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperPhilip Stephens
Google Playphilsoft.scientificcalculatorproadfree
Size2 MB
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Scientific Calculator Pro Mod Apk

*This is the professional edition of the program. It does not contain any advertisements. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. It has the basic functions you would expect from a scientific calculator, but also a variety of advanced functions such as complex logic functions and complicated numbers.

You can customize the calculator’s appearance by changing the background color and the buttons.

You can also get a free version of the app with ads.

The Scientific Calculator’s features include:

* Basic mathematics operators subtraction multiplication division, and powers.

* Conversion between decimal answers and surd answers.

* Roots and indices.

* Logarithms base 2-10 and base e (natural)

* Trigonometric, hyperbolic and related functions.

Complex numbers may be entered in component or polar form.

* All valid functions are compatible with complex numbers, including trigonometric or inverse trigonometric ones.

* conversion of bases and logic operations, including the choice of two’s complement or unsigned decimal answers.

* 26 scientific constants

* Unit conversions

* Factorials permutations and combinations.

* Degrees minutes and seconds Radians conversions.

* Fractions and percentages are key

* Absolute function.

* Previous 10 calculations saved and editable.

* Last answer key (ANS), and five memories.

* Random number generators, including binomial and normal poisson as well as uniform distributions.

* Probability distribution calculator for normal fish binomial student-t F Chi-squared exponential, and geometric distributions

* user definable decimal marker (point or comma).

* Choice of Division symbol

* Automatic scientific and engineering output.

* Manual or automatic entry for unary negative.

For implied multiplication, choose the precedence order (order of operations).

2/5p – 2/(5xp)

2/5p – 2/5xp

Optional thousands separator You can choose between space and comma or point depending on the decimal marker

* Variable precision of up to 15 significant numbers

* Scrollable screen allows for arbitrarily complex calculations to be entered or edited.

Scientific Calculator Pro Mod Apk
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