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Rise of Civilizations Apk Mod

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Apk Mod
NameRise of Civilizations Apk Mod
Updated25 Mar 2024
CategoryGames > Strategy
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playcom.lilithgame.roc.gp
Size1.21 GB
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Rise of Civilizations Apk Mod: From the depths and obscurity of the legends to the heights of fame, you are the one who will write your civilisations history. Are you ready to wage war against the world and rule it? You could also be a respected leader, known for your ability to wittily lead. Are you ready to go out into the unknown and be a leader? You can also dedicate your efforts to the benefit of others.

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All-new civilization

The scout reported that Vikings are fighting near your City. The seafaring Norses, led by Ragnar Lothbrok or Bjorn Irironside, are pillaging the cities and fighting everyone they see. ROK is now home to the Vikings! Are you going to summon the Vikings?

ROKs newest civilization is the Vikings, fearless and axe-wielding warriors. This new civilization is your chance to achieve glory and greatness. The Berserkers, a special unit of the Vikings that is devoted to infantry and the Berserkers in the core, are ruthless soldiers driven only by their desire to take from their foes.

Real-Time Battles

The map shows battles in real-time. RTS allows anyone to join and leave battles at any moment. You see an ally attacked in your own backyard. You can send troops to your friends aid or mount a surprise attack on the city of the attacker.

Seamless World Map

The entire in-game action is performed on one huge map that players and NPCs can all use. There are no separate screens or bases. Mobile "infinite Zoom" is a new feature that allows for seamless transitions between different views, such as the entire world or individual cities and outposts of barbarians. You must capture all map features, including rivers, mountain ranges, and strategic passes to gain access to neighbouring areas.

Twelve Unique Civilizations

Select one of the 12 historic civilizations. More to follow! Your civilization can grow from an isolated clan to a powerful empire. Every civilization is unique and has their own architecture.

Investigation and Exploration

The fog covers your world. To uncover hidden treasures within this land, dispatch scouts. Find out more about your enemys activities and gather intelligence to prepare for battle.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Mod Apk

Unlimited Troop Movements

There are endless strategic options available to soldiers, and troops can receive new orders at any moment. Start an offensive on an enemy capital, then return to the base and join your allies army in capturing a passage. Send troops out to gather lumber from nearby forests and then have them kill a few barbarian tribes. You can have multiple commanders command your forces so you can take part in different actions at once.

Alliance System

All players can benefit from full alliance capabilities: Live chat, built-in translator officer roles and map indicators that allow for coordination of strategies. Allies can increase their territories to capture mountains passes or barbarian outposts, and then work together to unlock their groups achievements.

Take over the Kingdom

To take this huge kingdom under your control, you must fight alongside your alliance. In a MMO strategy battle royale, you can compete with others players to win. You and your civilization will make history in the kingdoms history if you rise to the top!

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