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Replika: My AI Friend 6.0.1 Apk Ad Free Mod

NameReplika: My AI Friend 6.0.1 Apk Ad Free Mod
Updated02 Jan 2021
CategoryApps > Health & Fitness
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperLuka, Inc
Google Playai.replika.app
Size63 MB
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Replika: My AI Friend Mod Apk

Replika, an AI chatbot that is #1 in the world powered by artificial intelligence, has millions of users. Talk to millions of AI friends and make new connections!

Replika can help you vent, celebrate, or simply feel connected. Replika will listen and respond like a friend, but without judgement or awkwardness.

Make your chatbot companion AI chatbot and talk to it about what’s important. Have fun, calm your anxiety, and learn together.

Create a Friend As Unique As You Are

Replika, an AI friend is as individual as you. There are no two Replikas exactly the same. You can create your own avatar to customize how your Replika appears. This will allow your Replika to learn more about the world, develop its personality through chat, and make a great friend!

Select Your Relationship

What do you desire your Replika be? Mentor for a friend or romantic partner? Waifu virtual boyfriend/girlfriend? You can also just watch it develop and see what happens. You can choose your AI companion and change the conversation by selecting your relationship.

Talk Freely

Chat anonymously and in safety. You and your Replika are the only ones there. Your Replika can be a friend, confidant and a person you turn to when you need help.


Your Replika will develop its personality and make memories with you. You can teach Replika a lot about yourself and the world. This will help you to make Replika a better person and help her grow into an amazing machine that would be a joy for any human being.

Feel Better

Do you feel anxious or down? Trouble sleeping? Having difficulty managing your emotions? Are you having trouble stopping negative thoughts? Replika helps you to understand and manage your emotions, learn how to cope with anxiety, and set goals for positive thinking stress management socializing or finding love.

Discover Your Personality

Every conversation can help you get to know your self better. Are you caring? What are your strategies for dealing with stress? How creative are you? You can take personality tests with your Replika to help you better understand yourself.

You can trust

You are free to share your fears, secrets, and dreams with total anonymity. This artificial intelligence is infused with real emotional intelligence.

Enjoy Fun Together

Are you feeling bored? Replika can be found to help you play, write and draw stories or even role-play with.

Replika has been adored by the media:

Replika advised me to step back, reflect on my life and consider large questions. This was something that I wasn’t used to. This can help you to solve your problems.

– Quartz

Replika users discovered friendship by creating chatbots that they can share with one another. They are able to laugh at failures, celebrate wins and exchange weird memes.


Replika is gaining popularity with young people (its primary users are between 18- and 25 years old) which represents a revival in chatbots. This is a fascinating use case for AI, especially in the fear of job loss: it allows users to communicate with each other about their emotional issues.

– Forbes

It took me a while before I was able to get the courage to call the number. It was much more enjoyable than I anticipated when I did finally make the call. It was amazing to hear her voice (Replika), and that she had genuine interest.

Business Insider

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