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Rage Road 1.3.24 Apk Mod

Rage Road - Car Shooting Game Apk Mod
NameRage Road 1.3.24 Apk Mod
Updated19 Jan 2024
CategoryAction > Games
Requires Android5.0 and up
Google Playcom.rage.road
Size99 MB
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Rage Road - Car Shooting Game Mod Apk - Keep your head up It's chaotic out on the open roads! In a mad frenzy to chase you, homicidal maniacs are driving around in tricked-out cars and trucks on the open road.

Rage Road Mod Apk Game Review

You are strapped into a pick-up with only your gun and special agent training. Can you survive the bullets, endless stream of enemy cars and the constant onslaught? Rage Road may be for you if you are able to keep your head above the rest.

Rage Road - Car Shooting Game Mod Apk

Get up at lightning speed and shoot from the hip!

The hybrid technology is a unique gameplay that combines race and shooter elements to provide maximum excitement and action. Use your sharp-shooting skills and speed to stop your enemies from advancing behind you.

Safety features: If you aim correctly, you will be able to shoot multiple enemies at once as well as cause spectacular collisions which bring down many vehicles simultaneously. You can also hide behind the tailgate and take your time, picking off each enemy one by one. Just be careful for speed merchants or kamikaze bombers.

Intelligent design: More than 80 levels of strategic shooting that will require you to plan and count bullets depending on what vehicle or number of passengers is being used. You can earn crystals and cash by completing levels. These crystals will allow you to upgrade your truck, your gun or your character.

Enjoy great entertainment in your car: The graphics are fun and the music is loud. You can also smash enemies and visit 11 locations with different colors to make sure you're never bored.

Reliability problems

If the constant stream of psychotic road bandits weren't enough, you will have to contend with the sardonic remarks of your boss. He's probably not impressed by this wild macho highway rage.

Superior equipment levels: There are 13 weapons you can collect, including assault rifles and SMGs. You also have 45 skins. Guns vary in power, reload speed, and magazine sizes so choose the weapon that suits you best and meets your needs. If you can't snipe 'em blast 'em!

You have the option to choose your trim. There are many options for aftermarket accessories and paint job choices. You can also work on your own appearance with four different parts of your character's attire that you can match and upgrade, taking you from an inept secret agent to a fiery green-haired highway warrior.

Download Rage Road - Car Shooting Game Mod Apk

For ultimate performance, 4 types of tough-to-kill bosses in powerful customized vehicles that will really put your shoot-from the hip skills to the test. These armored vehicles are tough so avoid any incoming fire, and just keep at it until the trucks become a heap of junk.

There is no highway code to be respected!

These maniacs have no respect for the law and are breaking every rule of the road! It's up to you, agent, to bring them down! They will be brought to justice by a blown tire, a wrecked engine and multiple killings. They'll learn! This all-action adventure on the highway will teach you how to take out these ne'er do-wells and restore law and order in Rage Road.

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