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Morphing Tunnels Music Visualizer 227 Apk Paid

Morphing Tunnels Music Visualizer Apk Paid
NameMorphing Tunnels Music Visualizer 227 Apk Paid
Updated05 May 2023
CategoryApps > Personalization
Requires Android
Size27.05 Mb
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Morphing Tunnels Music Visualizer Apk Paid: Explore 30 different tunnels. There are nine different themes for visualizing the music. Experience hypnotic tunnels like the "Fractal Spiral Tunnel", the Shaman's Tunnel, or the Tunnel Between the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

Morphing Tunnels Music Visualizer Apk

Make your own tunnels with Morphing Tunnels

Like VJs, you can mix textures. Select the appearance of textures. Create tunnels using this information.

Music Channels

This app has 47 channels that play trance. Other channels include rock, techno, and disco.

Focusing on a tunnel can help you clear your mind or meditate.

Favorite tunnels

You are able to loop and repeat the 10 tunnels you like.

Tunnels available in this app

Shining lotus tunnel
Shaman's tunnel
Interdimensional tunnel
Fractal spiral tunnel
Astral tunnel
Anahata lotus tunnel
Gold mine tunnel
Purple lotus tunnel
The tunnel between the Sphinx and the pyramids
Blob tunnel
Brick tunnel
Stonewall tunnel
Alien cells tunnel
Colored brick wall tunnel
Mystical tunnel
Underground fractal tunnel
Eye tunnel
Fractal flower tunnel
Exo cell tunnel
Smooth tunnel
Mandelbrot fractal tunnel
Tunnel to Atlantis
Alien microbes
DJ Chamans tunnel
Spectrum tunnel
Axis MundiSpirit Walker
Upper lake moss
Veils of illusion

Chromecast TV Support

Watch music visualizers right on your TV with Chromecast! Great for chillout sessions or party sessions.

Morphing Tunnels Music Visualizer Apk


You can use any music player, like Spotify or Winamp, to listen to music.

Modify the music sync capability

You can adjust the following sync settings: Speed, color, fog density (fog sizes), and speed.

Music visualization (type)

Select from nine colorful themes to customize your music's visualization.


The color of the fog will be determined by the "Harmonic music visualization" setting.

Fog settings - Fog density

When you choose "Harmonic music visualization", the amplitude will determine the amount of fog pulsating. With a higher Fog density, the music visualization effect is more pronounced. With a lower fog density, the music visualization effect will be less pronounced.


You can adjust the speed to match the beat of the music. It would be ideal if you could sync the BPM in the software. However, mobile processors are unable to do this.

Transform the appearance of your tunnels

Select "Smooth Texture Appearance". Switch the "Texture Appearance".

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