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Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter Mod Apk 1.6.16

Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter Apk Mod
NameMatch Hit - Puzzle Fighter Mod Apk 1.6.16
Updated11 Nov 2023
CategoryGames > Puzzle
Mod InfoUltimated HP & Money
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperSayGames Ltd
Google Playcom.combo.matcher
Size92.39 MB
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Table of Contents

Match Hit Puzzle Fighter Mod Apk: Dive into the exhilarating world of Match Hit, where street fighting meets street food in this entertaining match-3 fight game. Discover the fun and uniqueness of this game that challenges you to punch above your weight, all while wielding a stack of delightful treats such as potato chips, burgers, donuts, and hotdogs.

Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter Mod Apk

Goal of the Game Punch with Power

The primary goal is clear - punch with power! Harness the strength in your punch by strategically matching and combining various street food items. Follow the advice of the sumo wrestler to ensure you eat right, preparing yourself for the endless challenges that lie ahead.

Unstable Table Manners in a Game

Embrace the chaos of unstable table manners within the game. A varied diet is unnecessary; instead, focus on matching as many food items of the same kind as possible within a single string. Achieve multipliers for your next attack by creating longer strings, and brace yourself to face multiple formidable enemies.

Survival Tactics: Defeating Enemies

To survive, defeat multiple enemies with efficient tactics. Collect coins during gameplay to complete levels or execute special combo attacks. Use these coins to enhance your hero's capabilities, ensuring they are well-equipped to confront increasingly challenging bosses and more powerful adversaries.

Resource Management: Coins Allocation

Find the right balance by dividing your winnings among three essential factors: health damage, coins, and more coins. Efficiently manage your resources to become the ultimate street fighting foodie.

Fashionable Foodies: Collecting Outfits

Discover the wide array of outfits available in Match Hit. Collect these outfits throughout the game by indulging in both eating and punching. Win levels to keep your heroes dressed in new and delicious clothes, showcasing your achievements in style.

Entertaining Adversaries A Buff and Aggressive Cast

Embark on a journey of facing entertaining adversaries, from cops and police to transportation staff and office workers. Surprisingly buff and incredibly aggressive, these characters will challenge your skills, requiring a substantial appetite to keep up with them all.

Download Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter Mod Apk

Food Fight Taking on Challenges

Take on various adversaries without messing with your food. Engage in a delightful food fight, and tackle challenges with a sense of humor as you confront different opponents in this entertaining street fighting game.

Irresistible Street Food Journey: Pizza and Beyond

Indulge in the irresistible street food journey with a delicious pizza and join the fun in this entertaining fight game. Quickly match foodstuffs to outpace hungry rivals, ensuring there's enough food left for the ultimate showdown with bosses.

Streetfighting Action: Do You Have the Guts?

Do you have the guts to take on the thrilling street fighting action? If so, waste no time - download Match Hit now and immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience that combines the excitement of street fighting with the joy of indulging in delectable street food.

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