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Horrorfield 1.7.12 Apk Mod

Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival Horror Game Apk Mod
NameHorrorfield 1.7.12 Apk Mod
Updated22 Jun 2024
CategoryAction > Games
Requires Android4.4 and up
DeveloperSkytec Games, Inc.
Google Playcom.skytecgames.survival
Size163.98 MB
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Table of Contents

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror Mod Apk: Horrorfield is an eerie horror-action game. This scary online hide-and-seek game can be played with your friends. Are you going to be caught by a serial killer? Or will it make your life easier and allow you to survive the crime? Survival multiplayer games let you decide! You can recall all the horror films about Jason the Cult Manic and Friday the 13th, and you will feel just like the protagonist of scary slashers. You should be scared!

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror Mod Apk

Horrorfield Review

You are invited to enter the terrifying lair of the maniac monster maniac! You are invited to join the Camp of 7 survivors Choose your role and abilities.

BAKETBALL PLAYER is able to run faster from the killer than other players.

DOCTOR heals him and others.

ENGINEER is able to repair generators, crafts armors, and weapons faster.

THIEF is able to conceal from serial killers with high levels of stealth and agility.

MERCENARY, a courageous soldier who doesnt fear psycho.

SCIENTIST is able to upgrade military equipment, and can spread his wisdom to other survivors.

The murderer can be caught by the police officer

It is the survivors goal to work together and devise a strategy that will allow them escape from the evil lair of the psychopath. To outlast the hunt for psycho killers, you will find online friends who can help.

Discover an abandoned monster lair filled with terrifying traps, hidden places and other hauntings like the best haunted games.

You must not scream, or else the mad butcher will come after you. You can survive the attack of psycho killers if you keep calm.

You must escape the serial killer quickly or face the terrifying butcher.

To turn the power on and unlock the exit door, fix all generators.

If you dont have shelter, run faster and make it through scary escape attempts. You must survive to avoid endless torture and nightmares. It is up to its heroes to survive the multiplayer horror survival. Beware of serial killers and join this agony-filled game!

Perhaps you have always longed to evoke the worst fear, like Jason Voorhees, the terrifying killer. Maybe Friday 13th of each month is your favourite day. Are jumpscare horror games your favourite genre of horror? You can also take on the role of a bloodthirsty, disgusting psychopath using the saw.

There are many options

4 different psychos each hunter has a distinctive set of skills.

BUTCHER destroys generators in order to stop the victim from fleeing.

CULTIST, a damned beast who has escaped the mental hospital but longs for the death of the remaining survivors.

GHOST is able to pass through walls and terrorize its victims like a real poltergeist.

A BEAST-hungry werewolf monster can transform into a bloodthirsty Wolf.

Psychoanalysts are trained to find victims hidden in dark labyrinths and then commit murder.

The matches pit one psycho against four survivors, but the killer is strong and nearly invincible. Listen to the screaming and follow the footsteps of the survivors. Demonstrate that youre a psycho killer like Jason, a horror classic slasher. You can choose which side you want!

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Co-op Horror game featuring 4v1 gameplay

The Survivor mode lets players escape the murderer together.

You can use Maniac mode to create a plan for hunting down your victims on your own.

Personal skills and unique character building

Unique crafting system: Create and Upgrade Items in Workshops

Locations with frightening atmosphere and high-detail locations

Horrorfield, a horror-filled multiplayer game for all ages, will make you shiver even if your are a true fan of serial killers. You are in for a terrifying adventure!

You are now in the top multiplayer game. In the bunker, there are four victims and one psycho. You can either capture all survivors or escape as the terrifying killer. The online hide-and-seek game of bloody murder begins!

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