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BusyBox for Android Apk Pro

BusyBox for Android Apk Mod
NameBusyBox for Android Apk Pro
Updated07 Oct 2017
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires Android4.0 and up
DeveloperJRummy Apps
Google Playcom.jrummy.busybox.installer
Size6 Mb
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BusyBox for Android Mod Apk


Material design

The latest BusyBox

Flashable ZIPs can be created

Installation in Recovery - One Click

Shell scripts can be run to create or edit

BusyBox Version 1.0

BusyBox combines small versions of common UNIX utilities in one executable. You can replace most utilities found in GNU shellutils fileutils, GNU fileutils and so on. BusyBox utilities have less options than full-featured GNU equivalents, but they provide all the functionality you would expect and act exactly like GNU counterparts. BusyBox offers a complete environment that can be used by embedded or small systems.

BusyBox was designed with resource-constrained size optimization in mind. You can also add or remove commands and features at compile-time. It makes customization easy for embedded systems. You can create an operating system by adding device nodes to /dev, configuration files to /etc, and a Linux kernel.

BusyBox was maintained by Denys Vasenko. It is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LIENSE version 2.


[ [[] acpid adjtimex ash arping ash base64 basename

bbconfig beep blockdev bootchartd brctl bzcat

Bzip2 cal chat catv chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chattr chatttr chmod-chown chpst

chroot-chrt.chvt.cksum.clear cmp.comm.cp.cpio.crond.crontab

cryptpw cttyhack cut date dc dd deallocvt depmod devfsd

devmem df diff dirname dmesg dnsd dnsdomainname dos2unix dpkg

dpkg-deb du dumpkmap echo ed egrep env envdir envuidgid

ether-wake Expand expr false fatattr Fbset fbsplash

Fdflush, fdformat, fdisk, fgconsole, fgrep locatefs flash_lock

Flash_unlock flashcp flock free flash ramdisk freeramdisk

fsck.minix fstrim fsync ftpd ftpget ftpput fuser getopt grep

groups gunzip gzip halt hd hdparm head hexdump hostname httpd

Hush hwclock ID ifconfig Ifdown ifenslaved ifplugd and ifup Inetd

Init installed ionice insmod ipaddr Ipcalc

Iplink iproute

klogd less linux32 linux64 linuxrc ln loadkmap logger logname

Lostup LPD lpq

lzma lzop lzopcat makedevs makemime man md5sum mdev mesg

microcom mkdir mkdosfs mke2fs mkfifo mkfs.ext2 mkfs.minix

mkfs.reiser mkfs.vfat mknod mkpasswd mkswap mktemp modinfo

Modprobe more mountmountpoint mpstat Mt mvnameif nanddump

nandwrite nbd-client nc netstat nice nmeter nohup nslookup

ntpd openvt patch pipe_progress

Pivot_root pkill popmaildir poweroff printenv

Printf pscan scan pstree raidautorun

Readlink Readprofile Realpath Reboot Reformime - Nice Reset

Resize rev rm rmdir route rpm2cpio Rtcwake

Run-parts runsv rx scriptreplay scriptreplay sendmail

Setconsole seq setarch setkeycodes setlogcons serial setsid

setuidgid sh sha1sum sha256sum sha3sum sha512sum showkey shuf

slattach sleep smemcap softlimit sort split start-stop-daemon

Stat strings stat sum svlogd Swaoff Swaoff Switch_Root

sync sysctl tail tar TCPSVD tee Telnetd Test TFTP

Tftpd Timeout Top Touch tr Traceroute Traceroute6 True

Tunctl tunctl tune2fs Ubiattach

ubimkvol ubirmvol ubirsvol ubiupdatevol udpsvd uevent umount

uname uncompress unexpand uniq unix2dos unlink unlzma unlzop

unxz unzip uptime usleep uudecode uuencode vconfig vi volname

Watch watchdog wc/wget whoami whois

zcat zcip

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