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10BA Professional Financial Calculator 1.1g Apk Pro

10BA Professional Financial Calculator Apk Mod
Name10BA Professional Financial Calculator 1.1g Apk Pro
Updated14 Aug 2019
CategoryApps > Productivity
Requires Android4.1 and up
Google Playcom.segitiga.fc10bapro
Size9.8 MB
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10BA Professional Financial Calculator Mod Apk

10BA Financial Calculator functions like an industry-standard financial calculator, such as the HP 10B HP 10BII and the HP 10BII emulator. However, we added tons of new features that make this app the most user-friendly financial calculator you've ever used. Single Access Key

You don't need to press the shift key in order to activate the blue or yellow functions. You can quickly activate both the blue and yellow functions with the Single-Access Key.

Integrated Cheatsheet

There is no need to remember anything. There is a cheatsheet for each function on the calculator that gives a brief explanation of the function and provides examples.


You can replace the background image with one from your gallery. It can be made transparent, just like what you see in TV.

Zero-Learning Curve

Are you familiar with financial calculators such as the 10BII? The 10BA Pro is very easy to use. The 10BA Pro has many features that make it easier than the original.


There are hundreds of functions in the 10BA Pro. You won't use many of these functions. You know that they're there for you in case of emergency.

Integrated currency converter

The calculator has a currency converter built in and it is just a click away.

Statistics Distribution Functions

Statistics has its own screen so that many functions can be accommodated. You can calculate most of the distribution functions you'll find in a statistical book.

Amortization Schedule

Make an amortization plan that you can later convert to Excel and share with your contacts.

Financial Functions

* TVM = Number of Periods Interest/year Future Value Amortization Amortization Schedule

* Percentage of business percentages Change Markup Cost Margin

* Cashflow Analysis: IRRMIRR Net Present Value Net Future Value

*Depreciation: Straight-line Sum of years' digits Declining balance

* Nominal Effective: Interest Conversion

* Break Even Analysis: Units sales price Variable Cost Fixed cost Profit

* Bonds: Accrued Interest YTM Coupon Call 360/Actual Semiannual/Annual

* Calendar functions: Date Date difference 360/Actual

Statistics Functions

* Table of contents

*Regressions: Linear Exponential Logarithmic power exponent inverse

* X-Estimates Y-Estimates Correlation

* Standard deviation: Sample Population

* Weighted Average

* Permutation Combination

* Distribution: Binomial Poisson Normal inverse Normal Student–t Inverse Student–t Chi-Square Chi-Square INverse Inverse Inverse Inverse

* Pseudo random number

Mathematical operations

* The basics of arithmetic

* Trigonometric reverse trigonometric

* Hyperbolic Inverse hyperbolic

Before you leave a review, ask for the location of the CPT button.

It is not designed to have a [CPT] button so it's best to ignore them. It does not require the [CPT] key. You can use [FV] to find future value instead of [CPT][FV], just click [FV]. For more information, please refer to the integrated Help or contact us.

Contact Information and Feedback

For feedback or suggestions regarding bugs and improvements, please email us at info@segitiga.pro

Privacy Policy

The 10BA Pro Financial Calculator doesn't store, transmit or transfer any information about users. Allow to take photos and record video permission allows the application to access the back camera to create transparent backgrounds. Allow to access files and photos on your device permission allows you to choose an image from the gallery to use as a background for your calculator. You will need to grant permission if the application is going to export the amortization schedule in Excel format.

10BA Professional Financial Calculator Mod ApkDownload 10BA Professional Financial Calculator Mod Apk

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