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Financial Calculators Pro 3.3.7 Apk patched

Financial Calculators Pro Apk Mod
NameFinancial Calculators Pro 3.3.7 Apk patched
Updated28 Mar 2023
CategoryApps > Finance
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google Playcom.financial.calculator.pro
Size6.89 MB
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Table of Contents

Financial Calculators Pro, available for both phone and tablet, contains the full suite of financial calculators from Bishinews: Finance and Investment Calculators.

Calculator App

* TVM Calculator
* Currency Converter
* Compound Interest Calculator

Calculator for Return on Investment (ROI)

* Calculators for Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value.

* Calculators for MIRR
* Bond Calculator
* Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator

* Rule of 72 Calculator
Mortgage/Loan Calculators
* Calculator for Loans
* Loan Comparison Tool

Financial Calculators Pro Mod Apk

Loan Refinance Calculator

* Calculator for APR
* Advanced Calculator for APR

* Calculator for Commercial Loans

* Easy Loan Calculator
* Loan Analysis Calculator

* Home Affordability Calculator

* Rent or Buy Calculator

* Calculator to Assess Mortgage Tax Savings

* Calculator for Discount Points

* Calculator for Adjustable Rates

* Calculator to Compare Fixed and Adjustable Rates

* Calculator for bi-weekly payments

* Calculator for Calculating Interest Only

Retirement Calculators

* Create a Retirement Plan
* Determine Your 401k Contribution Amount

* Calculator for Retirement Plans

* Retirement Savings Analysis

* Analysis of Retirement Income

* Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA: Which Investment Alternative Makes the Most Sense for Me?

* Minimum distribution requirement applicable.

* Social Security Calculator

* Calculator for Asset Allocation

* Save Max Calculator
* College Savings Calculator

Stock Calculators

* Calculators for Stock Returns

Stock Constant Growth Calculator

* Stock Non-Constant Growth Calculator

Calculators for Capital Asset Pricing Model and Expected Return

* Calculator for Calculating Holding Period Return

* Calculator to Estimate Weighted Average Capital Cost

* Pivot Point Calculator
* Fibonacci Calculator
* Black-Scholes Option Calculator

* Calculators for Credit Card Payment Offs

Calculate Your Payment Off using Your Credit Card

* Calculator for Calculating Minimum Credit Card Balance

Download Financial Calculators Pro Mod Apk

Auto Loan and Lease Calculators

* Auto Loan and Lease Calculators
Miscellaneous Calculators * Regular Calculator
Tipp Calculator
Tax and Discount Calculators

* Calculator to Determine Percentage

* Calculators for Dates
* Unit Conversion
* US Inflation Calculator
* Margin and Markup Calculators

* Calculators for Fuel expenses
* Salary Increase Calculators

* US Paycheck Tax Calculator

* US Health Savings Account Calculator

* Calculator for Net Distribution

* Calculator for Effective Rates

* Calculator for Mutual Fund Fees

* Unit Price Compare Calculator

* Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analysis

* Financial Ratios
* US Interest Rate
* US Mortgage Rate
* Futures and Commodities


Calculations can be sent to other users via email. Financial professionals may even email quotes directly to clients for their review and approval. You can customize the calculator list and prioritize them for fast access. Currency Converter makes obtaining the most up-to-date currency exchange rates a breeze with its web access requirement; even without an internet connection you can use this app!

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