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Zombie Blast Crew 3.3.1 Apk Mod

Zombie Blast Crew Apk Mod
NameZombie Blast Crew 3.3.1 Apk Mod
Updated31 Jul 2023
CategoryAction > Games
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperVivid Games S.A.
Google Playcom.vividgames.modernpioneer
Size134.36 MB
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Table of Contents

Zombie Blast Crew Mod Apk: The Sundry of the Dead Update is here. You don't need to know everything about zombies. They have new tricks and moves that make each one even more special. Do not underestimate the undead.

Overview of Zombie Blast Crew

Since the outbreak, it has been eleven months. People fled from panic and chaos in cities. Our towns, our homes and our blocks were overthrown by the zombies. We now sleep outdoors while the zombies roam our streets.

The army did not arrive so we waited and picked up our guns. We waited for a hero, but he didn't arrive so we took our flag. We're over waiting, and now a leader is here so we can get up. You are that leader.

To take back our block and drive the bad guys away, we have organized hunting parties. Today, we officially declared that our city has become a Zero Zombie Zone. The Zombie Blast Crew. We are the Zombie Blast Crew. Get involved.

Zombie Blast Crew Mod Apk


We have many goals as members of the Zombie Blast Crew. Some are suitable for a scout, some are fit for a hunter or warrior. But our true purpose is to push the zombies back. Grab your weapons and go scouting the area for anything green.

Every mission is in a different zone within the city. You will need to shoot zombies to end the pandemic and use survival instincts as well as your gear craft to return unharmed.


There are many types of special zombies: Some will rush you, some will shoot from far away and some may do a lot of damage before they go down. They are all dangerous. You have to be able to discern when you should engage, when to sneak away and how to not increase their alert level. Your tactics and options will be tested. Zombies aren't always smart, but they can be dangerous. Leaders must decide the best strategy for minimizing casualties and maximising loot.


The first half of the battle is planning and getting the right equipment. A battle is not won without a sword. Big Z crowds? Use the flamethrower to get in close or use the grenade launcher. You need to be careful? You might prefer the assault rifle or machine gun. The key is to use your brain and know your trade. Entire hordes? You can silently eliminate isolated targets by staying in the shadows.

Same goes for our gear. You should have a medical kit for treating injuries in your scout gear. A grenade for clearing up infected areas. You need food for a survival boost. It pays to take your time, it is worth the effort. Don't forget about improving your shooting skills. Your shooting will improve if you practice some marksmanship.


Although it may be familiar, it is still home. However, it's nice to see it all over again. While we have goals and a pandemic, feel free to enjoy the sights. A good slice of the United States, with its own views. This is a very unique way to see the United States. It's worth it.

This is a vast arena that offers tons of opportunities to find hidden paths and resources. Don't be a hero, and don't lose sight of the goal.

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