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YGGDRA UNION 1.2 Apk Full Paid latest

NameYGGDRA UNION 1.2 Apk Full Paid latest
Updated06 May 2019
CategoryGames > Role Playing
Requires Android5.1 and up
DeveloperSTING Co.,Ltd.
Google Playjp.co.sting.yggdra.union
Size5.8 - 291 MB
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ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION 1.2 Apk Full Paid latest is a Japones Role Playing Android game

Download last version ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION Apk Full Paid For Android with direct link

The game follows a linear succession of battles. Within each battle, units are displayed on a grid of spaces which decide where the characters can move. The player and the computer take turns in which movements are determined and one attack can be executed against an opposing character. The player may choose to end his/her turn at any time. Unions are the eponymous game play mechanic. Unlike most games, the player is allowed one attack per turn. Attacks are performed in formations called unions. Most unions involve multiple units, but it is possible to attack with a “union” of one unit. Forming unions allows more than one unit to join the battle, allowing for battles between as many as eighty soldiers, grouped into up to five individual battles between two units named ‘clashes’. Depending on the gender of the unit, the formation required for a union will be different. Males have an x-shaped formation, whereas females have a plus-shaped formation. Linked unions, which become available during the fifteenth battlefield, allow units within the core union to apply their union pattern to extend the overall union.[citation needed]

Each unit that can be included in a union is composed of a leader, the head, and as many as seven underlings, or ‘members’. For example, in the case of Yggdra’s unit, Yggdra is the head, and her five members are Sword Maidens. Each unit has a weapon type, with strengths and weaknesses in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. Each unit comes with six stats: Morale, an indicator with a function similar to Hit points; GEN, generalcy; ATK, attack; TEC, technique; and LUK, luck. The final stat depends on alignment of the unit. Player units have REP, reputation, measuring victory rates, and enemy units have POW.UP, which is a reducible stat that increases card POW upon player victory. Each unit also has the potential for five ‘effects’, which are strategy altering hooks that do many things, from the in-clash voiding of damage enhanced with a particular element, to out of clash Morale restoration. Up to four effects can be innate to the unit, with one effect coming from the unit’s equipped item. Items are multi-purpose in Yggdra Union; they can be equipped for stat ups and effects, or they can be consumed to recover Morale. Equipped items cannot be removed, and will disappear after a set amount of battlefields.

Players choose a card at the beginning of each turn. Each card also has a skill, ranging in effect from restoring allies and killing enemies, to changing the landscape and even invincibility. Each card has three attributes—power, ace, and movement:

POW is the overall strength of the card and factors into how much damage the loser of a clash takes. The higher the power, the more damage the enemy will take.
ACE is what weapon type the Union leader must use to allow the skill held by the card to be usable. If the ACE is sword, a sword user must start the Union. If it is All, then anyone can start the union.
MOV is the total movement available to all characters. For example, when a card with five MOV is picked, five characters can each move a single space, one character can move five spaces, or any other combination.

ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION Apk Full

ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION Apk Full

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ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION Apk Full
ユグドラ・ユニオン YGGDRA UNION Apk Full
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