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Twilight Pro 12.17 build 476 Apk Premium Latest

NameTwilight Pro 12.17 build 476 Apk Premium Latest
Updated17 May 2022
CategoryApps > Health & Fitness
Mod InfoPro / Paid features unlocked
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperUrbandroid (Petr Nálevka)
Google Playcom.urbandroid.lux
Size6.78 MB
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Twilight: Blue light filter Mod Apk: Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do your children seem to be hyperactive with their tablet or smart phone before bed? Twilight might be the solution you are looking for!

Research suggests blue light exposure before bed may cause disruption to your circadian rhythm, causing difficulty falling asleep.

Melanopsin, a photoreceptor found in the eyes is responsible. The narrow blue wavelength range of 460 to480nm is what this receptor can detect, which could suppress Melatonin’s production. This hormone is responsible for healthy sleep and wake cycles.
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Experimental scientific research has shown that a person who reads on their phone or tablet for more than an hour before going to bed may experience a delay of about one hour. Refer to the references.

Twilight makes it possible for your phone or tablet to adapt to the times of the day. The app filters out the blue light from your tablet or phone after sunset, and provides protection for your eyes by a gentle and soothing red filter. You can adjust the filter intensity to match your sun cycle, based upon local sunrise and sunset times.



Twilight: Get More

1) Night reading is easier with Twilight. It is capable of lowering the screen’s backlight to a level that is far less than the control on the screen.

2) AMOLED screens. Twilight has been tested on AMOLED screens for five years with no signs of over-burning or depletion. Twilight can reduce light emission by enabling dimming. Darker areas, such as the status bars get tinted, will also be less affected. This could actually increase the life expectancy of your MOLED screen.


To find your sunset/surise times, enter the location

To stop Twilight from certain apps, a few apps can be used to run them

To set the back-light, write settings

Protect your household lights from the harmful effects of blue light by using a Philips HUE smartlight.

Automation (Tasker and other)

Similar scientific research

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Twilight: Blue light filter Mod info

Pro / Paid features unlocked

Twilight: Blue light filter Mod Apk

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