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The Greedy Cave 4.0.19 Apk Mod

The Greedy Cave Apk Mod
NameThe Greedy Cave 4.0.19 Apk Mod
Updated26 Dec 2022
CategoryGames > Role Playing
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playcom.avalon.cave
Size315.75 MB
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Table of Contents

The Greedy Cave Mod Apk - A vast continent known as Milton once existed in a faraway land. This was the land of the sword and arcane, where men who dedicated themselves to either the blade or magecraft were able to become great warriors, wizards, or adventurers. There are many kingdoms in this land, all divided but connected by history. This tapestry is filled with stories about alliances and times of war, but this story will be a different one. The story starts in an isolated kingdom north of Iblis, which is a forgotten and obscure place. This is an isolated, barren area where the people live off the minerals they mine for the southern lords. Sometimes, adventurers stopped by to spend the night. But they never stayed. One day, a young adventurer got lost and fell into a pit. He returned with gold, treasure and sacks full of gold.

The Greedy Cave Mod Apk

What is The Greedy Cave About?

The news of his fortune and fame spread like a strong gale across the kingdoms. King after king sent brave warriors and adventurers into the cave to find treasure. These expeditions attracted even peasants who wanted a piece of the newfound wealth. This abandoned spot was quickly transformed into a bustling city. Many people set up camp and created their own expeditions to the cave. This was a great opportunity for clever merchants to set up taverns near the cave and sell equipment and other potions to adventurers. Everything seemed perfect at first. The caves were filled with new animals and treasures as the explorers explored them. The cave continued to be filled with mysteries, but no one knew the exact source. As the excavations progressed, the wealth outside the cave started to wane and cracks began to appear among adventurers who previously worked side-by-side. The weaker or latecomers could not access the higher levels of the cave and watch the experienced adventurers bring treasure after treasure. As they saw the veterans adventurers become more arrogant, the latecomers began to harbor dark thoughts. They ordered others around and kept secrets from all the rest. It became a swarming place of jealousy and suspicion, resulting in a plethora of greedy and suspicious behavior.

The Greedy Cave Story

The story began with an adventurer who disappeared in the cave. There were rumors that he was a legendary pirate who had discovered a treasure and kept it. Some believe he was guided by a mysterious magical force from the cave to another dimension. The unspoken belief is that he was murdered by an opposing party and was then buried beneath the caverns. People have been disappearing ever since. Some adventurers give up, while others hold on to hope. A few people wait to see what happens. This brings us to you: an average young man who finds himself in this unusual circumstance for reasons unknown to him. You will find the answer you are looking for in...

You are The Greedy Cave, a brave adventurer who must explore a cave to defeat all sorts of creatures. Defeat them with your brains, learn new skills and gain powerful equipment.

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Gaming Features

Randomly created cave levels offer a unique game experience each time.

There are hundreds of monsters you can defeat

There are hundreds of items to be collected!

There are hundreds of achievements and quests to be accomplished!

*Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting and more abundant systems to explore!

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