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Star Traders: Frontiers 3.1.42 Apk Full + OBB Data Paid

Star Traders: Frontiers Apk Mod
NameStar Traders: Frontiers 3.1.42 Apk Full + OBB Data Paid
Updated19 Mar 2021
CategoryGames > Role Playing
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperTrese Brothers
Google Playcom.tresebrothers.games.startraders2
Size90 - 109 MB
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Star Traders: Frontiers Mod Apk

Your mission is to lead a starship through an open world. You can customize your crew to take control of your own starship as you travel through a vast open universe. Explore a vast open world rich in adventure and Star Traders lore. You can choose your own path and build your crew or spaceship. This galaxy is constantly changing and plagued by political intrigue, alien threats and internal strife. You can fly in pirate style, terrorizing shipping lanes or as a bounty hunter to track down targets across the stars.

- Explore a rich open universe: Discover endless procedurally-generated galactic maps meet unique characters and take on enemies to conquer the galaxy!

You can become an intergalactic Captain by playing the spy smuggler, explorer pirate bounty hunter or other role (26 total jobs)

You can customize your spaceship by choosing from over 350 options and 45 ship-hull options to create your spaceship to explore the great reaches of space.

- Build and maintain loyal crew members: Assign talents, equip each spaceship crew member with specialized gear.

You will experience a constantly changing narrative. Make friends with or against other factions to influence their political, economic and personal agendas.

Your choices will mold your crew. As you decide and establish the tone of your ship, your crew will change and grow. Your crew will be more bloodthirsty if you destroy enemy ships. Your crew will be able to explore distant planets and find dangerous wastelands, and they'll become more intrepid and intelligent...or scarred and half mad.

Variety of difficulty options! Save slots allow you to play different storylines and builds, or change your character permadeath for a classic adventure.

- Achievement unlocks: Complete story goals and challenges to unlock optional content such as new start ships or new contacts

The Exodus was first, when the survivors of great war fled the Galactic Core to seek a new home among the stars. Scattered planets were found on the edge of the galaxy. While rebuilding under Shalun's great law, each pocket of survivors kept an individual world while building new ones. Technology brought them together three centuries later. The discovery of hyperwarp bridged the once insurmountable gap between distant colonies, long-lost families, and political parties.

This has brought great economic success. Hyperwarp allowed for the movement of goods and technology between quadrants. However, it also created great conflict. The erupting of political rivalries has rekindled old feuds, and the flames have been lit. Amidst political turmoil, a radical revolution is brewing - the hyperwarp's fervent explorers have awakened something better left to sleep.

Star Traders RPG was the first of many games that took thousands of players on an interstellar journey. Trese brothers Games was born from Star Traders' popularity and overwhelmingly positive response. Our community's stars-crossed captains were the catalyst that set us on a path to help others share their worlds dreams and ideas.

Our goal was to show the courage and loneliness of spaceships sailing through the stars. After four games released in Star Traders Universe, we are proud to announce the creation of a sequel.

Take a seat on the bridge of the starship and take to the skies with Star Traders: Frontiers.

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  1. Polaris says:

    Update to 2.6.21 please

  2. Ren says:

    Update to 2.5.87 please

  3. Smart says:

    Please. Update to 2.5.63

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