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SSD Boost 1.0.8 Apk Ad Free

SSD Boost Apk Mod
NameSSD Boost 1.0.8 Apk Ad Free
Updated01 Sep 2017
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires Android4.0 and up
DeveloperAndrea Pucci
Google Playcom.puandr.boost
Size2 MB
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SSD Boost Mod Apk

IT NEEDS ROOT This is an ongoing project that aims to improve performance and prolong the life of internal smartphone flash memory.

Solid state technology SSD/emmc is used for internal storage in smartphones. The downside to SSD's faster access times and lower latency is its ability to degrade over time. Writing after writing results in a noticeable drop in performance, which will persist throughout life.

Your smartphone will be grateful for 'SSD Boost' which minimizes the writings to your SSD, increasing speed and prolonging storage life.

Although the primary goal of this app is to optimize flash memory, many users also reported (read the reviews), a faster startup and longer battery life.

Probably because 'SSD Boost' app works around to an insane background process that writes to disk. It has happened from Android ICS to Android 10 (both custom and stock).

You will need a rooted device.

If you own one of these models, be careful:

- Samsung Galaxy R.

- Samsung Galaxy SII.

- Samsung Galaxy Note.

- Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

- Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

Before installing, check for Brickbug (a bug in the eMMC chips fw).



- improved root check method


Addition of TRIM command

What is TRIM? ssd/nand performance.

HDD SSD can't overwrite data, because it only allows for a transition between 0 and 1. So before you overwrite the data, erase all pages to zero then program each bit.

Writing data takes more time than erasing, so if you use the device for some time it will need to wipe the pages first before it writes them. This can cause performance problems and even disable the device.

Controller should erase blocks when they are idle to make it easier for you to have the right tools at your disposal whenever you write. This is unfortunately not possible because controller doesn't have any knowledge about the file system and therefore does not know which blocks are being used.

When supported by SSD/NAND, the TRIM command allows operating system sends a list to controller for erasing blocks when it is not in use.

Android 4.3 supports trimming natively. This means that after deleting files, the operating system will send a trim command the nand controller notifying which file was blocked. The controller will then erase the files when they are idle to allow it to write quickly without having to erase next time.

However, users don't have any control over the process. Android also doesn't reduce storage very often.

If your phone is slow or laggy, you can use 'SSD Boost' to trim it manually. It does this automatically on each reboot.

This surpasses LagFix's (fstrim), limitation that Android 5 Lollipop supports.



Android keeps file system metadata which records the date and time each file was last accessed. The file system metadata is called atime. Every read on a filesystem results in a write operation.

Updating the atime each time a file gets read can cause a lot unnecessary IO, slowing down everything.

The 'SSD Boost' option disables tracking of filesystems that are remounted using the noatime/noadiratime options.


Some people criticize the name "SSD Boost" of the app.

The misleading word "boost" is actually the wrong one. Although the app doesn't accelerate transfer rates, it does work around the limitations of ssd technology as well as the linux kernel.

The most popular use of the word "SSD" is: Flash memory. However, flash memories that implement an interface to a bus can also be considered drives.

Each smartphone has a flash memory that implements an interface with a bus, so both can be used together.

SSD Boost Mod ApkDownload SSD Boost Mod Apk

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