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Sound Profile (Volume control) Mod Apk 11.64 Pro

Sound Profile (Volume control) Apk
NameSound Profile (Volume control) Mod Apk 11.64 Pro
Updated06 Mar 2024
CategoryApps > Tools > Utilities
Mod InfoPro
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google PlayOrion.Soft
Size12.28 Mb
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Table of Contents

Sound Profile (Volume control) Mod Apk Pro for Android makes it simple and effortless to manage and customize the sound settings on your device, including volume controls for various aspects such as notifications and alarms. With Sound Profile's simple user interface and accessible customization features, users are easily able to tailor sound settings as per personal taste - the app even lets users track which apps have what sound files.

Sound Profile (Volume control) Apk

Customizable Sound Profiles (CSPFs)

Sound Profile allows users to tailor individual sound profiles based on their individual needs and preferences, setting specific volumes for meetings, silent modes, indoor environments and outdoor sounds as required for various situations - for instance in meetings where silence should prevail, indoor environments that contain some ambient sounds may differ in volume levels from outdoor ones - etc. Each profile can then be further customized by setting individual volume levels per sound category within it.

Automatic Change Profile Setting System

Sound Profile's automated switching between profiles depending on triggers or conditions predefined is one of its stand-out features. Users can create rules to activate certain profiles based on triggers such as time, location or Wi-Fi network connection; you could even set it so Silent mode activates automatically during meetings, or another profile when connecting to Wi-Fi home network - eliminating manual adjustments while making sure sound settings on all of your devices remain appropriate for every situation.

You can use Sound Profile to change volume automatically based on certain conditions, such as location or time. Create multiple profiles, and easily switch between them to ensure that the sound level is always at the right setting for any situation. You can change from a silent profile to a loud profile in the morning or during work. Sound Profile allows you to differentiate between your call volume and notifications.

The Sound Profile allows you to control the Don't Disturb Mode of your phone. You can select a contact list for each profile. Silent profiles allow you to receive calls or messages only from certain contacts.

You can set profiles with time limits so that you never again forget to turn your phone on silent mode. You can activate the meeting mode, for example, for only 30 minutes.

You can schedule profiles so that they are automatically activated according to the times you plan to use them. At 6:00 am, for example, activate Loud. At 8:00 pm activate Silent.

To make it easier to distinguish between profiles, you can assign a different wallpaper for each one.

It is possible in silent profiles to let repeat callers sound. Calls will be received if someone repeatedly calls within a specified time period.

Accept important calls and ignore spam. Sound Profile can help with Digital well-being, mindfulness, and relaxation.

The following are Tasks and Activities

When my Bluetooth car is connected, activate the profile Car.

When my Wi-Fi at home is detected, activate the profile "Home".

When I am close to starting my new job, activate the profile.

Auto dialing

Activate voicemail on one profile, and deactivate in the other.

Call forwarding is enabled.

Android Calendar

You can activate profiles based on the events in your Calendar or any reminders.

Notification Exemptions

Set parameters to allow specific apps to play sound. In a Silent Profile, for example, you can allow Fire Alarm or Door Alarm messages to be heard.

Additional Features

Display a message every time you visit a certain location.

Open external applications based on the conditions. If headphones are connected, open Spotify.

Set the timeout for the screen and the brightness of the screen according to the profile activated.

Have different ringtones—a discrete one at the office, but your favorite music at home.

Set the contacts that you want to be starred: your coworkers at work, and friends on the weekends.

Lock the volume to prevent it from being accidentally changed by pressing side buttons.

Sound Profile (Volume control) Apk

Extended notification

Shows both the profile of the audio as well as the ability to act quickly on the profiles that are most frequently used.

Google Assistant: You can activate your profile with voice commands: "Hey Google, activate Silent first for 30 minutes and then switch to Loud."

Automated apps

Other automation apps, such as Tasker AutomateIt and Macrodroid ...) can activate profiles that are created by Sound Profile.

Shortcuts: Add icons to the home screen that allow quick access to profiles with parameterized settings.

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