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SocialX - Limit social media | Limit Screen Time 1.3.40 Apk Premium Mod

SocialX - Limit App Usage & Screen Time Tracker Apk Mod
NameSocialX - Limit social media | Limit Screen Time 1.3.40 Apk Premium Mod
Updated10 Dec 2023
CategoryApps > Productivity
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperAtmana Innovations PL
Google Playio.funswitch.socialx
Size16.87 MB
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Table of Contents

SocialX - Limit social media | Limit Screen Time: In the contemporary digital age, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, the excessive use of these platforms can significantly impact mental health and overall productivity. SocialX, an innovative Android app, emerges as a solution to this concern, empowering users to manage their screen time and social media usage effectively. This article delves into the features, benefits, and overall user experience provided by SocialX.

SocialX - Limit social media | Limit Screen Time Apk

Understanding SocialX

What is SocialX?

SocialX is an Android application designed to address the growing concern of excessive screen time and social media usage. By providing users with tools to set boundaries, SocialX encourages a balanced approach between screen time and online activities.

SocialX Features

Screen Time Management

Usage Tracking

SocialX offers detailed insights into screen time by providing breakdowns of the time users spend on various applications. This feature enables users to better understand their digital habits.

Time Limitations

Users can set specific time limits for social media apps, and SocialX notifies them when these limits are reached, encouraging engagement in different activities.

Focus Mode

Distraction-Free Periods

SocialX introduces a Focus Mode, allowing users to set distraction-free intervals. During these intervals, certain social media applications are temporarily blocked, fostering uninterrupted concentration on essential tasks.

Productivity Tracking

The app tracks user productivity in Focus Mode, providing valuable insights into how users utilize their time without distractions.

Customizable Alerts

Usage Reminders

Users can create customizable alerts reminding them of their social media and screen time limits. These reminders serve as gentle nudges to maintain a balance in digital consumption.

App Blocking

SocialX enables users to temporarily block specific social media apps, helping them resist the temptation to check notifications during critical times.

Installation and User Experience

Install and Download

SocialX can be downloaded safely from the Play Store, ensuring users a secure and legal installation source.

User-Friendly Configuration

The app's setup is user-friendly, guiding users through necessary permissions to customize the app according to their needs.

Intuitive User Interface

SocialX provides users with an intuitive dashboard offering a quick view of their screen time, Focus Mode settings, and current app activity.

Easy Navigation

The user interface allows for easy navigation, granting users access to settings, features, and options without unnecessary complexity.

SocialX - Limit social media | Limit Screen Time Apk

The Benefits of SocialX

Increased Productivity

SocialX empowers users to escape the distractions of social media, creating an environment where productivity can thrive.

Enhancing Well-being

By setting screen-time limits, SocialX contributes to improved mental well-being, reducing the negative effects associated with excessive digital consumption.

Establishing Healthy Habits

SocialX helps users establish healthier digital habits through insights and tools, effectively managing their social media use.

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