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Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North 1 Apk Full + OBB Data Paid

Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North Apk Mod
NameShieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North 1 Apk Full + OBB Data Paid
Updated19 Mar 2019
CategoryGames > HD > Role Playing
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperWave Light Games, Inc.
Google Playcom.WaveLightGames.ShieldwallChronicles
Size41 MB - 1.13 GB
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Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North Mod Apk

Languages: English

Shieldwall Chronicles lets you guide a band of mercenaries into the dangerous and harsh northlands in Tarren. You will be battling a variety of foes, including undead demons, lizardmen, and other creatures in your quest for fortune. You will create a formidable band of wizards and warriors to tilt the balance in northern kingdom power.

Deep turn-based combat is possible. Combat simulations are realistic, and include details like weapon range damage effects as well as counter attacks. This does not slow down the game. To be successful, players will need to effectively use cover and their line of sight.

Choose from 16 classes to create a party. You can choose six heroes, ranging from scholars to warriors. To win, you must use each type of character to its full potential. Most characters excel at a particular task. While wizards are capable of causing massive damage with their magic, they can be easily defeated by a spear thrust. Great warriors can withstand a large number of enemies if supported properly.

Unique morale systems add a new layer of tactical depth to combat. The tide of war is their friend, and warriors will be more successful if that belief holds. They will panic if the opposite happens. Morale is affected greatly by watching a friend or enemy leader fall. Even if they fail, arrows and spells will impact the courage of friends as well as foes within their range of effects. The bloodlust mechanic also means that certain warriors can find fresh sources of energy to fight each foe they defeat.

To equip your party, you can collect hundreds of magical items. You can have up to 9 items for each character, including helmets, shields and cloaks rings as well as swords, shields and cloaks. You can choose from common items, which only offer a limited benefit, to rare legendary items which can boost stats or grant new abilities to the bearer. For example, fighters may be able to equip magic rings which can enable them summon undead guardians or conjure fireballs. You can customize your party further with the magic items system and create entirely new battle strategies and tactics.

The campaign offers over 40 hours worth of gaming. You will lead your party through snowy wilderness, ancient ruins, and bloody streets in great cities. You can replay battles at different difficulty levels and there is no limit to the enjoyment of the dedicated player.

Explore a realistic, gritty world which combines dark age culture and history with mythical races and monsters. In the northern kingdoms, Tarren is where you can find men fighting in shield walls using a spear axe or sword against dragons, elves, goblins and dwarfs. Despite being powerful, wizards and monsters can be overcome with good tactics and bravery.

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