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RTS Siege Up 1.1.106r12 Apk Mod

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline Apk Mod
NameRTS Siege Up 1.1.106r12 Apk Mod
Updated21 Feb 2024
CategoryGames > Strategy
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playcom.abuksigun.rpg_prototype
Size87.48 MB
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Table of Contents

RTS Siege Up! Medieval War Mod Apk: You can defend and seize strongholds throughout the universe of medieval warcraft and middle-age empires. Real-time collection of resources. An autosaving system will not cause you to lose progress. You can choose to play in portrait or vertical orientation. You can build anything, and you can train cavalry or melee archers without the need for artificial timers.

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War Mod Apk

Siege Up Game

- Medieval castles were built with stone and wood walls!

To break down the walls, build catapults and other warcraft!

To defend your stronghold, archers melee or cavalry can be sent.

- Navy units fish boats and ships

To get strategic resources, capture and protect mines

- Full 3D comfort micromanagement

Autosaving and Save/Load Game

Campaign: Different missions!

- Create your own game using random bots

- Play portrait or landscape orientation!

Playable offline


Workers - they extract resources. They are able to cut wood or work on farms. If necessary, they can also fight.

Mules are used to transport resources from mines that have been taken.

Fishing boats - fishing. It is a great way to get food.

The archers are a cheap and effective way to defeat lightly-armored units

Crossbowmen - These men are expensive, but they pierce thick armor and can be well protected.

Spearmen are a cheap and effective way to defeat cavalry

Protective bonus for archers: Swordsmen

Heavy swordsmen are almost invulnerable against archers, but theyre expensive

Knights (cavalry), which are effective against catapults and archers

Ballista is effective against catapults and can be used to build walls for defense during sieges

The projectile can cause damage to any object within its radius. Be careful not to injure your troops!

For attacking land objects, warships are convenient

Download RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War Mod Apk


The City Center - Education for Workers

Increase the limit of the population by buying a house

Farmworkers - These are people who work in the fields and help to produce food.

Mining - mules are strategic resource providers from the mines. Capture mine

Trains for melee soldiers - Barracks

Shooting range: Trains archers and crossbowmen

Cavalry Stable- Trains

Workshop: Builds catapults, ballistas

Shipyard: Builds boats and ships

Tower - attacks enemies. You can get many points of health.

Download RTS Siege Up Mod Apk

Walls are made up of gates, towers and wall elements. The walls can be accessed by most soldiers. Only catapults can be used to destroy walls. It is possible to repair walls that have been completely destroyed.

In the early stages of the game, you will need to create an efficient economy. You should have enough resources to create a plan army. Protection is important. At the start of the game, build one or two towers.

The army requires reinforcements during an attack. You can create a point of gathering for your warriors by setting up barracks.

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