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Ramadan Times 1.33 Apk Pro

Ramadan Times Apk Pro
NameRamadan Times 1.33 Apk Pro
Updated21 May 2018
CategoryApps > Lifestyle
Requires Android3.0 and up
Google Playcom.pakdata.RamadanTimes
Size36 mb
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Ramadan Times Mod Apk

Worldwide Iftar/Sehar Time clock alarm for daily Ramadan. This clock is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. U.S. uses this method to calculate the time of sunrise and sunset. Naval Observatory for calculation of sunrise/sunset/twilight. Even offers high-latitude options to calculate time. * Innovative interface that shows the remaining time for Iftar/Sehar.

* Ramadan Timings Monthly View

* Hijri (Islamic) calander

* You can set alarm options to begin selected minutes prior to Iftar/Sehar.

* Supports different time calculation methods.

App running in the background can produce a complete Azan alarm

* Device can sound a background alarm

Ramadan (Arabic: rmDn Ramadan IPA: [rama'd?a:n];[variations] Persian: Ramazan; Urdu: Ramzan; Turkish: Ramazan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar;[1] Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. The annual fasting is one of Five Pillars of Islam. Based on visual sightings, the month is 29-30 days. This was based upon numerous biographical accounts that were compiled from hadiths. [5][6] Ramadan is derived from the Arabic root ar-ramad or ramida, which can be translated as scorching heat and dryness. For adult Muslims, fasting is obligatory unless they are seriously ill or are pregnant or diabetic. [8]

Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. They refrain from eating liquids, smoking, and engage in sexual relations. Some interpretations also prohibit them from swearing. Daily food and drinks are served before and after sunrise. [9][10] The thawab (rewards), of fasting, are numerous according to Islam. However, they are thought to increase in Ramadan. Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast. This includes increased salat and Quran recitation. [12][13]

Ramadan marks a period of increased spiritual reflection and devotion. Muslims should put in more effort to follow the teachings and principles of Islam. Fasting (sawm), begins at dawn and finishes at sunset. Apart from abstaining eating and drinking, Muslims increase restraint by abstaining sexual relations and other sinful behavior. Fasting can be used to direct the mind away from the world. It is meant to purify the soul and cleanse it of all impurities. Ramadan teaches Muslims self-discipline and self-control [16] and encourages generosity and mandatory charity (zakat). [17]

Muslims are required to fast when they turn puberty, provided they're healthy and sane. Travel menstruation, severe illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding are exempt from fasting. Many Muslims who have medical issues insist that they fast to fulfill their spiritual needs. Healthcare professionals need to work together with patients in order to find common ground. Individuals who choose to keep fasting should be closely monitored by professionals. [18]

Fasting in childhood isn't compulsory, but many kids try to fast as often as they can so that they are ready for the challenges of later life. If you are not able to fast, then you are required to compensate. The Quran says that those who are ill (musaafir), or travel (musaafir), are not subject to any obligation, but must still make up for the lost days later. [19]

Ramadan Times Mod ApkDownload Ramadan Times Mod Apk

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