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Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location 1_bf515e Apk

Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location
NamePokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location 1_bf515e Apk
Updated08 Aug 2016
CategoryApps > Internet > Tools
Requires Android
Size3 MB
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Free download Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location v1_bf515e Apk for Android with direct link

The first and the last pokemon go fake gps you will ever use to fake walk and location and capture pokemon from anywhere!

Pokemon go fake walk and location...

Is a real Android app to fake gps walk and your location. With just some clicks you can capture Pokemons from anywhere, anytime and certainly, you wont have to walk. No, you wont have to walk with this fake GPS walk.

Go to the Pyramids, Central Park or Woy Woy through this easy-to-use pokemon go fake walk and location ultimate app. This unique app has buttons to move around your GPS position to pretend you are walking.

Beat gyms around the world and become a gym leader. Hatch eggs using just this fake gps and your fingers and not your legs. Capture region specific Pokemons from anywhere and lying on your couch. Be happy and become the greatest Pokemon trainer. Enjoy Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location, it was made for you, by players like you!

No phishing. No hacking. No tracking. No login. Completely secure.

How to install Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location

Firstly, its impossible for any app that says be pokemon go fake gps and promisse simulate your location without Root permissions. So, dont waste your time downloading another app from Play Store that say: "Pokemon go fake gps works without Root" or "No Root required". Furthermore, it is impossible to turn on Mock Locations on Android without Pokemon Go app noticing it is enabled, so do not waste your time.

If you want to play Pokemon Go from your couch, the Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Location is your UNIQUE and best option!

How to install Pokemon go Fake GPS

It takes only 5 steps to set Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Location work correctly.

- First step

Root your Android phone: How to Root my Android phone?

- Second step

Move Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Location apk to Sytem Apps.

Create a folder named "PokemonGoFake" on "/system/app/" and move the Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Location APK to that created folder. Restart your android phone and the Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Location will be on your apps list.

- Third step

Install Xposed FrameWork

- Fourth step

Install Mock Mock Locations on Xposed -

Or you can use Hide Mock Location, we have not tested this modules, but it is newer than Mock Mock Locations. Altough, Mock Mock Locations works fine on our Android rom.

- Fifth step

Install RootCloak on Xposed - RootCloak site.

- Optional step

The developers dapaintballer331 (Mock Mock Locations) and devadvance, hikaritenchi (RootCloak) are doing a great job on their respectively modules and helping us to play Pokemon Go from your bed. So value their work and consider making a donation.

How to use Pokemon Go Fake Walk And Location

This app is very simple to use.

First, be sure your GPS is ON and Mock Locations is enabled. Now open the app and choose any location on world map and click on it, this will fake your current GPS position. You will notice that a marker will appear on the map, thats your new position, then click on START button and a controller will appear at the screen.

Clicking on those arrows will move your fake GPS position on Android, always in relation to the North. With those controls on your screen you can open Pokemon Go and fake walk in anywhere of the world from your couch. =)

Tips and troubleshooting

Some apps also use SYTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission, so they can render their layout above all other applications layouts, for example when you receive a call, the Dialer app render its layout obove all others. This way, the Pokemon Go Fake Walk and Locations controller could be removed from your screen. But no problem, just click on "Refresh Button" on its notification and the controller will be added. You dont need to close Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go app use to much resources of the Android system, so sometimes our fake GPS controller can be killed. Then like in the above example, just click on "Refresh Button".

If you see "GPS not Found" on Pokemon Go, please just click on any button of our controller.

Can I get banned?

If you go to China than 3 minutes later you are in USA and 3 minutes later you are in Brazil, the answear is yes. A normal person cant walk on the speed of light, so Pokemon Go server can realize that you are faking your location and you will get banned.

But, if you visit two or just one (preferable) country per day, you will not be banned. You can fake that you are walking just in your city for example.
Pokemon Go Fake GPS Walk And Location

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