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Oubliette 2.4.3 Apk Paid

Oubliette Apk Mod
NameOubliette 2.4.3 Apk Paid
Updated20 Sep 2019
CategoryArcade > Games
Requires Android2.0.1 and up
Google Playcom.gabysoft.oubliette
Size46.03 MB
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Oubliette Mod Apk

You can try Oubliette before buying, and you will have full access to all levels. Version 2.1 of Oubliette has many new features.

Multi-user devices can now be used with different game data. You can create new users by selecting the "Switch User" option on the main screen.

The shop now allows you to both sell and buy items. You can also find non-basic products for sale.

Fireball Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm and Ice Storm now only target one group of monsters and do no damage to the party.

Reworked inventory system All characters now have one master pack. It will be no more necessary to transfer items between characters.

- You can only obtain one type of monster group at the upper levels. This includes one, two or three monster groups when you reach level 1. Level 2 and 3 and 7 respectively. Up to four monster groups are available on levels 4 and 8. There is also a possibility to get monster groups in levels 8, 9 and 10.

- At the start of the game, the gold situation has improved significantly. Although you will have less gold at the beginning, it is possible to accumulate enough gold over time to allow for rest.

It has become easier to age. Now, you will live for weeks rather than months.

New items and portal gems are now available in special rooms.

Complete with final boss, Dungeon Level 11 has been added.

Support for both tablet and phone devices is now available

Numerous minor changes have been made that are difficult to list.

Oubliette, the original multiplayer dungeon fantasy role-playing game for Android is finally here. To run deeper into the dungeon, you will need to create a group of thieves, priests, mages, and fighters. You will need to prove your bravery and skills against groups such as orcs, trolls, vampires, and dragons.

Oubliette is known for being the "thinking man's dungeon" game. It combines the excitement of mortal combat and the challenges of strategic planning, adaptation and strategy. Oubliette is not a game that tests your reflexes and nerves as if you were a first-person shooter, but rather challenges players to think strategically.

You must be strategic and tactical in order to win the battle.

Every player, or character in the game, is made from one of eight races. These player races have different attributes like strength intelligence and dexterity. The Elves have a high intelligence and are immortal. Orcs can be strong but live a short time. Dwarves, who are very strong, are strong and possess high wisdom. Kobolds tend to advance faster than most people.

These attributes will determine which player can join the limited number of classes or occupations. The choices for more balanced players include Hirebrand (fighter), Mage Priest, and Thief. A few players might be qualified to join a more selective class, such as Ninja or Ranger Sage Paladin Samurai Samurai.

Oubliette is a game that allows up to 10 people to join a team and face different types of monsters. More than 160 monsters can be encountered. There is also more than 150 pieces of equipment that may have special abilities or properties.

Oubliette can be difficult but it is also very forgiving. A lot of new players find their party decimated by untrained monsters. Your party may meet as many as three monster groups simultaneously! The Temporal Chamber can be used to protect a Temporal Portal from being damaged during dangerous journeys. The Temporal Chamber can be used to reverse the clock so you don't get caught out again. You can make the trapeze just as exciting, but it is safer with a net.

To build your expertise and party, explore the easier levels. Then, when you feel ready, experience the full power of the game at the higher levels. Now, onward to glory!

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