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Nuclear Sunset: Survival in postapocalyptic world 1.3.7 Apk Mod

Nuclear Sunset: Survival in post apocalyptic world Apk Mod
NameNuclear Sunset: Survival in postapocalyptic world 1.3.7 Apk Mod
Updated27 Jan 2022
CategoryAction > Games
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playcom.InGames.NuclearSunset
Size88 MB
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Nuclear Sunset: Survival in post apocalyptic world Mod Apk

Explore the nuclear-war devastated world! Survival Nuclear War is a post-apocalyptic world where you must survive among mutant radiation hungry and bloodthirsty foes. It is difficult to survive Nuclear Sunset. While you should be thinking about yourself, remember to also consider the fate of your fellow survivors. You have full freedom to act, many quests and a large world filled with dangers hidden places secrets... Many useful items are found in abandoned homes. Common life has been transformed into survival following nuclear war. Modern civilization was destroyed by the Apocalypse, but humanity survived. The story of life after destruction is long. Because of radiation pollution, people fled cities.

Although you are just another survivor, you don't have any community. You woke up alone in the deadzone of the forest and didn't even remember your name. Keep trying to live! It's possible to do this even offline.

Nuclear Sunset is a survival game that combines shooter elements with action. It's about surviving in a doom world. Four locations have very diverse content. Some locations were inspired from real radioactive sites in Chernobyl's abandoned deadzone. Your fellows can control the village, some of whom will give you quests. Forest is a location that has no people, but which is full of vicious wolves who will kill anyone. Protect your camp from any hostile group that bases itself on the swamp. This is your duty. There is also a weak border between your camp, the forest and full of animals. Even though night and's enemies are attacking your camps, enemy hunters attempt to enter the village after the dawn.

This post-apocalypse adventure has many survival aspects, but it also offers many other exciting things. When you get quests from members of your community, it is important to do different activities in order to help your fellow comrades. These quests can be connected to a tale that often takes unexpected turns.

All that was left after the nuclear conflict 50 years ago is yours to use. The survival offline game features many weapons, including knives, axes, bows crossbows, and firearms. The ability to alter your method of passing quests is available: melee weapons, shooting with homemade guns or in a sniper fashion. However, not everything is possible. You will have to purchase the best weapons and armor. To survive, you will need to upgrade your equipment. Local currency for the post-apocalyptic period - you can earn it by trading and hunting with other tribesmen. We wish you all the best at your nuclear battlegrounds.

There are many places that can hide useful items, as it has been said. To find the things you need to survive, search abandoned buildings and land for items that can be sold or resold. There are four main locations that you can complete your search in. They have caches full of boxes and furniture.

Nuclear Sunset is an survival game for the post-apocalyptic era. It has many dangers, including contagion that kills wild animals and mad humans as well as radioactive deadzone. This game works offline. The outlasting team in the badlands was made up of people who left camp in the daylight. You should, too. The camp can be used for sleeping. You'll also find tribesmen who can help you trade. The story revolves around two warring communities who fight for safe and fertile land.

All people became enemies after the Apocalypse. There is still a possibility that Nuclear Sunset could change the dawn to normal.

Do not lose sight of the goal to conquer this post-apocalypse crucible! Get this survival game now! Click the button and you can try to not die

Nuclear Sunset: Survival in post apocalyptic world Mod ApkDownload Nuclear Sunset: Survival in post apocalyptic world Mod Apk

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