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Mobile Topographer Pro 11.0.6 Apk Paid

Mobile Topographer Pro Apk Mod
NameMobile Topographer Pro 11.0.6 Apk Paid
Updated20 May 2017
CategoryApps > Productivity
Requires Android4.0 and up
DeveloperS.F. Applicality Ltd.
Google Playgr.stgrdev.mobiletopographerpro
Size13 Mb
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Mobile Topographer Pro Mod Apk

The Mobile Topographer is... The best tool for professional surveyors and anyone looking to map their property. Pro offers the most precise functionality, as well as the highest accuracy.

Only for Pros:

*** Export data according to the GIS Shape Files (.shp).

*** Import File

- You can import points from your file using WGS84 or CRS formats.

- Export points from text (.txt.csv), or shape files (.shp).

***3D Terrain modeling, contours

- Collect terrain data

Make a 3-D model of terrain

Make contours

Map - Show it

Export 3D Terrain Model and Contours - Save loads

Tracking of routes

Track Your Route

Process Route

Statistics - View them

Map - Show it

Export route to load save

Surveying: Real-time map projection

**** Map Survey

You can complete a survey online without ever going out on the field

You can insert, modify, or remove points right on the map

Correct an existing survey or add to it

**** Points for groups

Divide the points into groups

- View a filter list of points by using naming groups

Exporting a list of points using group division and filtering

- Choose the content of the points lists that you have exported

*** Device Elevation

*** Mode for auto survey

*** Area Perimeter Number Of Vertices in a Polygon

**** Edit the coordinates manually for a point

Enter the coordinates you want.

Drag and drop, or in edit mode to reposition points

To view satellites during surveying, swipe left

*** Augmented Reality: GNSS Satellites

** Full functionality without an internet connection

*** Maps V2

Weather Forecast

*** Higher accuracy (To get even more accuracy, you can connect your device with an external GPS receiver).

Mobile Topographer is also free!


- Weighted average (on all axes)


- Calibration of a device on a map or at a known point

Display GPS Geodetic coordinates to cartsian EN coordinates.


Europe ETRS89/UTMZ28/38

- Hellas HGRS 87 (GGRS87 - EGSA 87 - EGSA 87)

- Hellas HGRS 87 (HEPOS)

- Hellas HTRS07/TM07

- Morocco Merchich CS

- SPCS83 (124 zones) USA

Brazil and Central and South America SIRGAS2000

- Brazil SAD69/UTM Z18-25 and SAD69(96)/UTM Z18-25

Australia MGA94, and Australia AMG66 National C.T. Northern Territory NSW, Victoria Tasmania, and Australia MGA94 (AGD84).

- Italy Monte Mario West Zn 1 Peninsular West Zn 1 Sardinia East Zn 2 Peninsular East Zn 2 Sicily

Spain: ED50/UTMZ29-30 N ED50/UTMZ29-31 MML ED50/UTMZ31

- Uk;s OSTN02/OSGM02

Turkey ED 50/Gauss Kruger 3deg Z9-15, and ITRF96; and E50/UTMZ35–38

Argentina POSGAR94 and POSGAR 2007.

India Kalianpur 1975 ZI-ZIV

Central and South American SIRGAS 2000

France RGF93/CC42-50 Manual and Auto

- Canada CSRS (19 systems)

Carthage of Tunisia

and many more... (http://applicality.com/supported-coordinates-reference-systems/)

*** Multiple units support:


International Footwear

Survey feet in the USA

Calculation of height:

- Height at the Ellipsoidal.

Orthometric Height EGM96

* Convert geodetic coordinates to cartsian coordinates, and back

Support for devices measured points

- Handly enter geodetic and cartesian coordinates

Please drive me to:

Enter coordinates for a target point using either geodetic, cartesian or other formats. Or select one from the list to follow the pointer.

Compass that indicates magnetic North and true North

Map of the Project:

You can project individual points onto any map app

- Google Maps embedded: Project List of Points and The Defined Polygon

*** Save multiple point lists.

Area calculation.

*** Export points to:

- .txt (text file)

-.csv - point file - separated by commas

-.kml (google Earth file).

-.gpx format (GPS Exchange Format)

- .dxf (drawing file)

- .shp (shape files)

*** Upload file to the cloud or send it via email

*** Satellites sky view

*** Each GNSS constellation includes an indication of signal strength and satellite count

*** All GNSS constellations supported:






Support text for complete help

Mobile Topographer Pro Mod ApkDownload Mobile Topographer Pro Mod Apk

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