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📅 27 Aug 2017

Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) 1.16.0 Apk Premium patched is a Health & Fitness Android app

Download last version Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) Apk Premium patched For Android with direct link

The app currently supports only Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Mi Bandage requires the installation of the official Mi Fit app on the same device. At first you have to pair Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in Mi Fit app, then you can use Mi Bandage.

MIUI users:
– Recent apps screen: lock the Mi Bandage (pull down the app and click on lock icon).
– Security app screen: battery/app battery saver set Mi Bandage app to no restriction.
– If Mi Band 2 is not found or if you are having trouble syncing Mi Fit app, then install the BToolkit, nRF Connect or similar Bluetooth manager app and remove any pairing.

– show battery state, estimated remaining time
– incoming call signal with caller display and automatic character conversion on Mi Band 2
– missed call signal with caller display on Mi Band 2
– displays the app’s notification texts on Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 connection features:
– change volume
• not have notification
– Mi Band 2 vibrates
– device screen wake up
• have notification
– Mi Band 2 vibrates and displays icon 1,2,3 times, icon based on the number of notifications, once per Mi Band 2 icon
– immediate signal when notification is received
– when connecting to device
– reminder signal and repeat interval
– signal only when screen is off
– ongoing notifications are enabled or disabled
– device screen wake up

Mi Band 2 disconnection features:
– icon displaying and vibrate on Mi Band 2
– playing ringtone on device, vibration, screen wake up
– change volume
– device monitoring agent: if someone tampered with the device while you are away, you will know (wake up the screen, power on, motion): notification on the device and Weibo icon on the Mi Band 2

Notification monitoring:
– unique signal configuration for apps notification
– displays the app’s notification texts on Mi Band 2

Touch monitoring (use Mi Band 2 touch button):
– call answering, speakerphone (turn off the launch music app when headset is connected setting, otherwise the music starts) (not all devices are supported)
– call rejecting, ending (not all devices are supported)
– toggle call mute
– find my device
– repeat the phone’s notifications on the bracelet
– control music player (play, pause, next, previous, volume up/down, show music track info)
– start timer/stopwatch/interval, showing remaining/elapsed time
– app launcher
– Tasker task launcher

Step monitoring:
– daily/weekly/monthly chart: displays the measured values
– more goals can be set

Sleep monitoring:
– daily chart: displays the measured values

Pulse monitoring:
– you can set: monitoring starting signal, show pulse, low and high pulse signal, start/end time, repeat interval, valid lower/higher value
– showing current pulse
– daily/weekly/monthly chart: displays the measured values

Time monitoring:
– signal when phone alarm sounds
– alarm setting
– timer: alarm type, reminder, remaining time display on Mi Band 2
– stopwatch: alarm type, reminder, elapsed time, lap time recording, lap time displaying on Mi Band 2
– interval: timer for interval training

Lost monitoring:
– Mi Band 2 signal: when specified period of time expires Mi Band 2 will alert you
– device signals: when specified period of time expires, device send signals repeatedly if not connected to the bracelet. This makes it easier to find the device.

Agent log:
– view events detected by the device monitoring agent

Languages (if you like to translate other language, please send me email):
Russian (Александр Солоцкий –
Portuguese (Bruno Lopes)
Turkish (Fatih GÜL)
Greek (Alexandros Apostolidis)
Vietnamese (Anh Việt –
Italian language (Francesco Caronte)
Spanish (Nezu R)
Indonesian (Helmi Amirudin a.k.a helmiau –
Germany (David Terrey –

Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) Apk

Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) Apk

Whats New:
27.08.2017 – version: 1.16.0
– Android 7.1 shortcut support
– sleep weekly chart
– weekly/monthly chart: sum and average display
– pulse daily chart: hourly values bug fix
19.08.2017 – version: 1.15.0
– connection/disconnection settings: change volume bugfix
– sleep setting: show the measured pulse values on the daily pulse graph
– generate SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp text display example cards when custom notifications not set
– step daily chart: action menu – new hourly values feature

Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) Apk
Mi Bandage (Mi Band 2 support) Apk

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