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Math Studio 2.34 build 100 Apk Mod Full Paid

Math Studio Apk Mod
NameMath Studio 2.34 build 100 Apk Mod Full Paid
Updated07 Feb 2022
CategoryApps > Education
Mod InfoPaid
Requires Android4.1 and up
Google Playnan.mathstudio
Size5.54 MB
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Math Studio Mod Apk

It all in one. Each step is covered. The app covers many topics in mathematics, including geometry and analytic geometry equations.

You can also find units calculator.


- Triangles: Equilateral triangles right triangle isosceles triangles 30-60-90

- Quadrilaterals : quadrilaterals : rectangle square rhombus parallelogram trapezoid trapezoid itosceles trapezoid Kite

- Polygons: regular pentagon regular hexagon regular octagon regular dodecagon

Circle ellipse annulus, annulus sector

Solids of Revolution: Cone sphere cone cone barrel spherical section spherical tip spherical wedge Spherical Zone

- Prisms: Cuboid Triangular prism Regular triangular prism Hexagonal prism Pentagonal prism

- Pyramids: regular tetrahedron triangular pyramid square pyramid hexagonal pyramid

Other: Pythagorean Theorem Thales', theorem trigonometry Law of Sins Law of Cosines


- Second and first degrees

- Quadratic equation

- Quadratic inequalities

- Linear equation

- Linear inequality

- Equations that include parameter


- Lines and points

- Point Intersection

Distance to point

The length of each segment

Lines perpendicular and parallel

- Perpendicular bisector

- Axial Symmetry

- Central Symmetry

- Translate by using a vector

- Angle between lines

- Angle bisector

- The angle between the two lines is bisectored

Three points are used to calculate the value of an angle.

- The position of a point in relation to a line

- The relative position of the two lines

- The relative position of 3 points


Standard form

- vertex form

Factored form

- Discriminant of the quadratic Function

Real roots (zeros).

Vertex of a Parabola

- Intersection of the Y-Axis

- Monotonicity (increasing decreasing).

Positive and Negative Values (Inequalities).


Form for slope-intercept

Standard form

Distance between two points

- The midpoint of an entire line segment

- line segment bisector

- parallel line

- perpendicular line

Distance from one point to another line

Equation of line that passes through 2 points


There are four methods to solve systems

Method of Substitution

- Elimination method

- The graph method

- The Method of Determinants


Standard form

- general form

- Tangent line from the circle


Properties of geometric progression: Initial term, any mth or nth term. Ratio sum of the n terms. General formula

Property of the arithmetic progress: Initial term, any mth or nth terms difference Sum of all n terms general formula

Properties of Geometric Series: Initial term Ratio Sum


- greatest common divisor (gcd)

- Least Common Multiple (lcm).


- 3D and 2D

Length of a Vector

Product: - Dot


- Subtraction and addition

UNITS (calculator).

- Length distance


- Velocity

- Power

- Pressure



- Energy

- Data

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Math Studio Mod ApkDownload Math Studio Mod Apk

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