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Masareef Mod Apk 2.2.54 Full

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NameMasareef Mod Apk 2.2.54 Full
Updated01 May 2021
CategoryApps > Finance
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperAl-Masareef App
Google Playcom.appsqueue.masareef
Size14.9 MB
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المصاريف‎ Mod Apk

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You can apply for expense approval to purchase multiple properties

An application for small and large projects management, as well as personal expenses.

You can create a portfolio that you can use to manage your income sources and expenses, and you can also follow up on what you have done with your debts.

Modify your portfolios

Add financial transactions quickly

There are more than 50 types of transactions, including premiums, income expenses and debts.

You can repeat a transaction weekly, monthly, or annually. After that the expense will be added automatically without you intervention

Connect the transaction with the contact

Possibility of adding a future transaction, or any other time

Modifying existing processes

A list of operations that you have created can be displayed

See details about transactions that you made in a particular day

Reception and payment of debts, installments. The start and end dates and amounts of each debt are determined.

An in-depth disclosure of your and/or your debts

Monthly and weekly reports

Google Drive allows you to store and retrieve data

Excel Format Reports can be saved

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Applicating expenses is designed to make it easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs to manage daily expenses, follow up debts, and other special payments. It can also be used by them as a way of recording all expenses or debts.

All expenses are based on the account (account). This can include the monthly expenses, total savings or both. It should be in your bank account so that it doesn't start without at least one portfolio.

You can then add your transactions to the system by clicking on this button

( ) Find the bottom of your Home screen

For debts:

1. You can add a transaction to the section Payment of installments. You will add the cost of any debt that you have paid to the person.

2. You will need to add another transaction when you get the debt, or part thereof. See the Receiving debts and Premiums section. It will cost you the amount that was received from the same person. You must activate Repeat Process Time to Repeat to continue receiving this monthly debt. The transaction alert will remind you about the date you received the amount.

This debt will be displayed on your debt screen as well. You can click on it to view all details.

The selection of one section of each type is relevant to transactions of income and expense

After you add transactions, you'll see them integrated daily and then grouped according to the main section. There are also weekly and monthly reports. For more information, you can click on any of the links.

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alt="المصاريف‎ Mod Apk" width="237" height="420" />
المصاريف‎ Mod Apk"><img class="img2" src="https://dlandroid.com/image/masareef-apk-2.jpg" srcset="https://dlandroid.com/image/masareef-apk-2.webp"
alt="Download المصاريف‎ Mod Apk" width="237" height="420" />

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