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M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Apk Mod 3.0.323 Paid

M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Apk Mod
NameM64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Apk Mod 3.0.323 Paid
Updated28 Nov 2022
CategoryApps > Emulator
Mod InfoPro-Paid
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperFrancisco Zurita
Google Playorg.mupen64plusae.v3.fzurita.pro
Size30.99 MB
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Table of Contents

M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Mod Apk: Pro version includes support for netplay and online cloud backup. All cores and plug-ins required to use online cloud backup are available in settings. However, there are some caveats.


Concerns about multiplayer games that are not supported by the emulator. This application allows you to play online with friends from all over the globe. It is very easy to install, but it is extremely powerful. This new feature opens up a new possibility for users, offering a unique experience and a variety of content.

* Some games and devices may have issues.

Some games may not work, but the majority of them do.

You may need to use different plugins for games that work.

Some video plugins may not work on all devices.

Many translations are missing. English may be the best option.

Only the Pro version supports netplay servers. You will need a router that supports UPnP and a connection to it. To play local games on the same WiFi network, you don't need UPnP.

M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Mod Apk


Mupen64plus FZ, a highly customizable emulator that allows you to play N64 games on Android phones, is available for download.

There are no games included with the emulator. However, it can read and play N64 games (ROMS), that you have downloaded to your Android device's storage.

It is prohibited to ask for n64 ROMs from this site. A google search might help.

Set-up Mupen64plus FZ

Open the Mupen64plus FZ App, it will load resources and then go to Main Menu.

The Main Menu is black and has 3 navigation keys at the top. These are, from left to right:


Next, you'll need to change the directory path to the folder that contains your N64 Roms.
(Where your N64 Roms are saved in your Android's storage).

Create a Directory Path

This is where you place your Roms for the emulator.

Select the RELOAD icon from the Main Menu. (The circular arrow at the top of the screen)
You'll see:


Parent folder

Search zip files
Download the cover art
Clear the gallery before adding
Check subdirectories


The part of the screen with:

Parent folder

Scroll down to the "Downloads” folder and click on it.

This folder should contain your n64 Rom.
(You might have to scroll down in order to locate it.

To set your Downloads directory as the directory, hit the "OK" button in the bottom right corner. The emulator will scan your folder and locate your game.

Your game will now appear in the main menu on Mupen64plus FZ. Click on it to start the game with the default settings.

*Remember that you can name and create new folders in the android's file manager, to put your Roms instead of the Downloads folder.
Simply move the directory to your new folder.

Emulator Options

To open all default settings, go to the emulator's Main Menu and press the Options button at the top (the three bars icon).

These are the Orders of the Options:

Developer -Tip

Below are explanations for each of the options:

You will be redirected to the Main Menu. Here you can access your N64 Rom Library.

-Settings is where you can adjust the default settings for the emulator.

-Profiles: This is where you can choose between different emulations, touchscreens, and controller profiles.

-Tools: Useful tools to help you troubleshoot and solve problems.

Help: Check FAQs, join forums, and report bugs

-About: View app version & credits

-Language: Change app language.

Developer Transfer Payment

Setting default settings

You can view and modify the default settings of Mupen64plus FZ.

Select Options (top right icon) from the main menu of the emulator and then choose the Settings menu.

These settings are:

-Library Settings:
Display Rom information and adjust the size of box art images.

You can adjust the resolution of your video, screen orientation, and screen scaling.

Change audio plug-ins, adjust audio buffers, and improve audio quality.

Touchscreen controls can be adjusted in size and opacity.

Choose the default control method to use Mupen64plus FZ.

Reset default settings, reload application data, and adjust the number of auto-save files per game.


You can create, modify, or select your own profiles.

Profiles list

-Emulation Profiles
Touchscreen Profiles
-Controller Profiles

-Emulation Profiles:
You can choose from a variety of video plug-ins and set up profiles built-in or your own emulation profile.

-Touchscreen Profiles:
You can adjust the size, style, layout, spacing, and color of touchscreen controls.

-Controller Profiles:
You can create custom controllers, adjust button mappings and adjust dead zones while using a controller.

Download M64Plus FZ Pro Emulator Mod Apk


You can use the touchscreen controls as they are, but an external controller is also possible.
Mupen64plusFZ can be used with most USB controllers via an OTG cable. Mupen64plusFZ should work with any android device that can be controlled by a controller. There are many Bluetooth controllers.

*Default Emulator Settings-VS- Individual Gaming Settings

Remember that all settings you change in the emulator's options menu will be applied across the entire emulator.

You can adjust the profiles and save settings for individual games within your Library by selecting the game from the Main Menu.
Instead of choosing Start or Resume, choose Settings.

This is where you set the options only for that GAME.
You can, for example, save your controller setup, emulation profiles, screen resolution, etc., to be used in one game.

Graphical Errors

To improve the quality of your device, please try different emulator profiles and settings.
Because of the differences in android devices' capabilities and the unique way each game works, different profiles and graphical settings may provide better results.

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