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Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal 5.4.0 Apk Full

Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal Apk Mod
NameLucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal 5.4.0 Apk Full
Updated27 May 2020
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperCreationz Lab
Google Playstudio.victorylapp.lucidlevelup
Size23.23 MB
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Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal Mod Apk

You can imagine being completely conscious while dreaming. This will allow you to have vivid dreams and control over your reality. These are just a few of the many benefits Lucid Dreaming offers. Lucid Dreaming is simply the awareness that you're dreaming. Sometimes it is difficult to track your progress in lucid dreaming. If you don't have as many dreams or you feel you aren't making progress, this can make you think you might be out of control. Lucidity Level is a way to track your progress. As your dream journal grows, your level will rise. This guide will provide all of the necessary techniques and more. Cloud-supported Dream Journal Journal password protection, custom auto dismiss alarms and WILD Anchor Tool. All you need is at your fingertips!

Cloud supported Dream Journal

Automatically and manually sync with the cloud, so that your dreams can follow you phone to phone.

Dream Journal password security

Enable password protection in your journal to protect your privacy.

Advanced Journal and Standard Journal

Change journal mode from basic to advanced, and log more information.

Dream Summary

Advanced journal dream summaries based on your dreams will dynamically be created


You can unlock Quests by leveling up. Each quest helps you to improve your skills and make you more difficult.

Lucid Challenges

Monthly complete lucid dreams challenges, or set of predefined challenges that will help you to grow your abilities while being lucid.


Everybody loves graphs. You can check your progress using the statistics panel. To see how far you've come,

Dream assistant

You can use your dream assistant to check reality and answer your lucid dreams questions.

Tag Your Dreams

Use tags in dreams to identify patterns easily.

Dreamsign Search

You can search for your dreamsigns with no extra junk. The Dreamsigns website reviews all common tags and excludes false positives.

Dismissing Auto WILD Alarms

You can create custom alarms that have an adjustable time for auto disconnection and fade. Perfect for ;CAN-WILD Technique;.

Complete Technique Guide

A detailed guide to multiple techniques for lucid dreams, even obscured ones.

WILD Anchor tool

Create custom vibrations that will guide you to your dream world.

MILD Training

Learn MILD techniques quickly and improve your potential memory using this tool.

Reality Reminders

Remember to set the time and interval to match your reality.

ADA Notification

Keep your eyes open with a constant ADA reminder.

Morning Dream Journal Reminder

Schedule a quiet time for you to recall your dreams and to take a picture.

Create your Dream Journal

Use the Export function to export your dream journal. You can view it on your PC, or as a plain text file.


Discuss lucid dreams with others. Ask for help, or offer your assistance to others.

No ads!

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience.

Although lucid dreaming can be done by anyone, it does require time. It is possible to have your first lucid dreams if you persevere. The time it takes depends on the person. The app was created and developed by one individual - Lucid Dreamer. I'm open to new features and improvements. You can contact me via email within the app.

Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal Mod ApkDownload Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal Mod Apk

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