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Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) 1.7.9 Apk Ad Free | Download Android

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) 1.7.9 Apk Ad Free

event_note15 Feb 2019

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) 1.7.9 Apk MOD Ad Free is a Productivity Android app

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Our brain is a goal seeking organ, if you give it any goal, it will work day and night to achieve it.

Writing your goals down is an effective strategy for many reasons. It brings your goal into the real world, where you can see it, think about it and can be reminded of it regularly.

“Goal is a dream with a deadline” – Napoleon Hill

A perfect goal should be:
★ Clear
★ Organized
★ Measurable and
★ With a deadline

Why are goals needed?
Goal is your purpose in life, driving force behind everything you do. Goal is the most important thing that you want to accomplish in your life. Goal keeps you focused, while providing clarity what it is that we want the most. They make us more determined and help us channel our energy into getting what we want. They prevent you from wasting our time on anything that takes you in the opposite direction and puts control and power back into your hands. Your goals in life help you be the best possible version of ourselves and ensure that we live our life to full extent.

Why do you need to list your Goals?
★ It can help you keep accountable: writing your goals makes you share your goals with your friends, families or colleagues.
★ Reviewing your goals will keep them on top of your mind: Picturing the achievement over and over again will eventually make your goals a reality.
★ Gives you the sense of victory: Every time you achieve one of you goals, check it off the list and celebrate what you have managed to accomplished in your life.

How to write a perfect Goal?
★ Make it specific: You should be specific on what you want. Writing “I want to have a car” is not specific enough. Instead you can write “I want to have a Tesla Model S” is more specific.
★ Should be measurable: Your goal should be measurable by a third person. “I would like to own a nice house.” is not measurable, but writing “I will own a 4000 sq. feet home.” is measurable.
★ Should have a deadline: “I want to weigh 61 kg.” does not describe when, instead you should write “I want to weigh 61kg by 5pm, 6 July, 2017”.

Listing your goals is now easier than ever.

Adding picture to your goals make is more alive.

Make your own category or choose from the existing.

Control when to receive the reminders. Available options.
• Randomly throughout a day
• Periodically throughout a day
• Once a day

Choose when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Backup all you precious goals and restore them when needed

Achieve VICTORY over your goals and store you victory medal.

Birds eye view of all the goals, achievements & Category in one place

Pictorial representation of your achievements

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Apk

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Apk

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Apk

Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Apk

Whats New:
★ Fix – Ads blocking UI
★ Update – Other Minor Updates
★ Fix – Backup/Restore on SD Card in different version of app
★ Update – Other Minor Updates
★ Update – Filter by Category
★ Fix Minor Bugs
★ Update – New Splash Screen
★ Fix – Minor Bugs
★ Fix – First launch crash
★ Fix – Random reminder is working
★ Fix – Resetting periodic reminder while opening the app
★ Fix – Category edit problem
★ Fix – Crashing while adding picture in android 7+ devices

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