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Last Day Survival : Survivor 1.8.3 Apk Mod

Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod
NameLast Day Survival : Survivor 1.8.3 Apk Mod
Updated23 Jan 2018
CategoryGames > Word
Requires Android2.3 and up
Size27 MB
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Last Day Survival : Survivor 1.8.3 Apk Mod latest is a Word Android game

Download last version Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod For Android with direct link

Last Day Survival : Survivor is a Word android game made by Mini-Games For Free that you can install on your android devices and enjoy!
Last Day Survival:Survivor is a free end zombie survival strategy, with only one target for all survivors: live, and hunt zombies as much as possible. A deadly virus has turned the city into the city of the dead, your enemy has not zombies, and in order to survive predators. You can only believe in yourself in the end of this dead corpse zombie epidemic.Here you can make food, decompose things, trade goods, grow plants, build warehouses.

In the end, there are many factors that can threaten your life. Lack of food, lack of protection, lack of weapons and lack of drugs increase the difficulty of survival. Colds, fevers, poisoning, bleeding, weakness, dizziness, and other negative conditions can cause your death, and always maintain a state of spirit that can ward off many diseases.

If you want to live well, please refer to the following suggestions:
* Do according to one's ability
When exploring a map, choose a map of the right level based on your weapons and equipment. Never blindly explore resources. Otherwise, eschatology will teach you what life is all about.

* Choose your career carefully
Different occupations have different characteristics, and in the end, practical survival skills are the most important.
A cook can get more finished food in cooking.
Workers can get more materials while dismantling resources;
Doctors can make more finished products and get better results when using drugs.
Firefighters come with fire suits and search for supplies;
Police are more proficient in weapons operations, and bring a weapon;
Programmers can save materials when they make equipment;

*Pay attention to your situation
Maintain a healthy body can avoid illness, at the end of the small disease can also kill you, if you search for materials found drugs do not let it go, you can decide drug at the end of the length of life, always keep a full of spirit can resist many diseases.

* Make food
At the end of the day, food is critical, and food determines how long you can survive in the last days, so cooking techniques at the end of the day can help you live longer. Cooking instant noodles brings far more energy than dry instant noodles, so try to show your cooking skills as much as possible.

* Make weapons and equipments
In the end want to survive, you must learn to produce their own weapons and equipment, to defend and kill the zombies, otherwise you will be at the end of can't do anything.
Using different weapons to hunt enemies in different ranges, weapons can greatly increase your chance of survival in the end.

* Attention temperature
The temperature changes will be obvious throughout the year. The temperature difference between morning and evening is also very high. It is important to prepare cold clothes in advance, otherwise cold will make you catch cold.

* Collect map fragments
If you want to find materials warehouses that haven't been found by others, you need to collect map fragments, and you can show the hidden maps after you complete the map.

Failure is often the darkness before the dawn, which followed the glow of success there is. - Hodges

The meaning of life lies in the striving for self-improvement, and we salute the survivors who survive tenaciously in the last days!

Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod

Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod

What's New:
Add weapons, tasks, maps.
Increase the value of good and evil.
Increase the survivors events.
Optimize the game and operation.
Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod

Last Day Survival : Survivor Apk Mod

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