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Kernel Manager for Franco Kernel 6.2.1 Apk Patched

Franco Kernel Manager - for all devices & kernels Apk Mod
NameKernel Manager for Franco Kernel 6.2.1 Apk Patched
Updated25 Nov 2023
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperFrancisco Franco
Google Playcom.franco.kernel
Size5.27 MB
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Table of Contents

Franco Kernel Manager Mod Apk: In the ever-evolving landscape of Android applications, tools that enhance device performance and customization are highly sought after. Franco Kernel Manager stands out as a comprehensive toolbox designed for all devices. This article delves into the rich feature set of Franco Kernel Manager, highlighting its capability to streamline and optimize device kernels for a more efficient performance.

Franco Kernel Manager Mod Apk

Understanding Franco Kernel Manager

A Universal Toolbox for Device Optimization

Franco Kernel Manager is a versatile toolbox compatible with all devices. With a robust feature list, it is specifically designed to simplify the process of optimizing and turbocharging your device's kernel.

Efficiency at Its Core

This mod is a complete toolbox for all devices, offering a feature-rich set to enhance the efficiency of your device's kernel.

Enhancing Battery Life

Powerful Battery Monitoring

Franco Kernel Manager goes beyond standard battery monitoring. It provides detailed notifications from the Battery Monitor, offering insights into power usage during idle and active periods. Additionally, it estimates charging time in amps/watts.

Detailed Battery Statistics

Users can access detailed battery statistics, including power consumption data for each component in mAh. This includes Wi-Fi signal idle and more, providing comprehensive information for efficient battery management.

Customization and Flashing

Build.prop Editor and Flashing Capabilities

Franco Kernel Manager offers a build.prop editor, allowing users to customize their device settings. Furthermore, it supports Magisk modules and auto-flashing without the need for a custom recovery, providing a seamless customization experience.

CPU and GPU Support

The app supports various CPU and GPU features, including CPU frequency governors, multi-clusters, GPU frequency settings, and more. With support for Adreno, Exynos, and Kirin GPUs, users can tailor their device's performance according to their needs.

Backup and Restore with Ease

Instant Backup and Restore

With a simple tap, users can instantly backup and restore kernels, ensuring seamless transitions and easy recovery.

Kernel Logger for Developers

The kernel logger viewer provides developers with valuable insights, allowing them to monitor and analyze kernel performance.

Custom Tunables and Per-App Profiles

Tailoring Settings to Your Needs

Franco Kernel Manager allows users to add custom tunables to their kernel settings, covering aspects such as IO Scheduler, wakelocks, memory management, and more. Additionally, users can create per-app profiles, enabling different settings for frequently used applications.

System Health Monitoring

The System Health feature displays real-time CPU/GPU/RAM/ZRAM/DDR Bus/IO/THERMAL ZEES/WAKELOCKS and complete CPU frequencies usage. This visually appealing UI provides comprehensive insights, supporting clustered devices.

Display and Sound Control

Complete Display and Sound Customization

Franco Kernel Manager offers an easy-to-use interface for tuning RGB saturation, hue, contrast profiles, and more. Automated Night Shift further enhances the user experience by tinting the display with orange/red to ease eye strain at night.

Temperature Monitoring

For devices exporting CPU temperatures, the temperature is conveniently displayed in the Notification Bar.

Additional Features

Scripts Manager and Quick Tiles Integration

The Scripts Manager enables users to create shell scripts within the app and pin them to Quick Tiles for convenient access.

Theme Compatibility

Franco Kernel Manager is compatible with both Light and Dark themes, allowing users to personalize their experience.

Download Franco Kernel Manager Mod Apk

Developer Accessibility

Developer Francisco Franco emphasizes user support, encouraging users to reach out for help. Additionally, an extensive FAQ section provides detailed explanations of each feature.

Problem Resolution

Before resorting to one-star reviews, users are encouraged to reach out to Francisco Franco on Twitter or via email for prompt problem resolution.


This app comes with a disclaimer, stating that it should not be used in any way for which the developer is held responsible.

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