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Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk 1.0.4

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Apk Mod
NameIce Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk 1.0.4
Updated28 Nov 2023
CategoryGames > Puzzle
Mod InfoHints, Trap + AD Free
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperKeplerians Horror Games
Google Playcom.keplerians.icescreamseven
Size189.20 MB
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Table of Contents

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod Apk: Charlie and J. Mike have managed to escape from the kitchen. They can't locate Lis so Mike panics and jumps down the pipe that she used to reach the laboratory. There they will need to collaborate to escape. Charlie, who is still in Rod's van, travels to the village to look for something that can help his sister.
To solve puzzles, swap characters Lis or Mike. You can explore new areas of the factory or revisit old locations in the Ice Scream games. To reunite these four friends, face the Mini-Rods or the Ice Cream Man.

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Apk Mod

Explore the Ice Scream World with Character Swapping

System for Character Swapping

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk introduces a dynamic system for character swapping. Players can seamlessly switch between Mike and Lis, unlocking the ability to explore different locations based on their chosen character. This feature adds a layer of versatility to the gaming experience.

Collaborative Puzzle-Solving with Friends

Exchange of Items

A novel addition to the game is the Exchange of Items system. Players can now swap objects with their friends, fostering collaboration to overcome challenging puzzles. This cooperative element enhances the social aspect of the game, encouraging players to work together to unravel mysteries.

Engage in Fun and Clever Puzzles

Enjoy Fun Puzzles

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk invites players to enjoy a delightful puzzle-solving experience. Reunite with friends as you collectively solve clever puzzles scattered throughout the game. The challenging yet entertaining puzzles serve as a key component of the overall gaming adventure.

Diverse Mini-Games for Added Excitement


Diversifying the gameplay, Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk incorporates mini-games. Players can complete puzzles within chapters by engaging in these mini-games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall gaming experience.

Your Own Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the chilling world of Ice Scream with the freedom to set your very own music and voice recordings. This feature allows players to tailor the auditory experience, enhancing the atmosphere and personal connection to the game.

Explore New and Familiar Terrains

Discover New Places and Revisit Old Ones

Embark on a journey through the lab's two main parts, Chemistry and Robotics. Additionally, revisit locations from previous games, adding a nostalgic touch to the exploration. The game seamlessly blends new and familiar environments for an immersive adventure.

he Hint and Mission System

For players facing challenges, Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk provides a comprehensive guide through the Hint and Mission System. Step-by-step instructions are available to assist players in navigating any obstacles, ensuring a smooth progression through the game.

Tailor the Difficulty to Your Preferences

Different Difficulty Levels

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk caters to players of all skill levels with its different difficulty settings. Whether you prefer a leisurely exploration in ghost mode or seek a more challenging experience facing Rod and his assistants, the game allows you to play at your own pace and test your skills accordingly.

A Terrifyingly Entertaining Game for All

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis guarantees a terrifyingly entertaining experience suitable for players of all ages. The game blends elements of horror and fantasy, promising action-packed thrills and jumps throughout the gameplay.

Enhance the Experience with Headphones

For an even more immersive experience, the use of headphones is recommended. The detailed sound design and atmospheric effects are heightened, providing players with a heightened sense of suspense and thrill.

Share Your Thoughts

We value your feedback! Share your thoughts and experiences with Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Apk in the comments section below. Let us know how this fantasy horror adventure has left you on the edge of your seat, and if you have any tips to share with fellow players. Happy gaming!

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Apk Mod

Ice Scream 7 Friends: Whats New?

Expanded Narrative

Ice Scream 7 Friends builds on the narrative foundation laid by its predecessors. The game introduces new characters and delves deeper into the mysterious storyline that has captivated players since the first installment. As players progress, they unravel the dark secrets surrounding Rod and his ghastly ice cream truck.

Enhanced Graphics and Sound

The visual and auditory elements of Ice Scream 7 Friends are a significant leap forward. The game boasts enhanced graphics that bring the creepy environments and characters to life with greater detail. The sound design contributes to the overall atmosphere, with bone-chilling audio effects that intensify the horror experience.

Multiplayer Mode: The Friends Factor

One of the standout features of Ice Scream 7 Friends is the introduction of a multiplayer mode. Players can now team up with friends to unravel the mysteries and face the terrifying challenges together. This collaborative gameplay adds a new layer of excitement, as friends strategize and navigate the haunted world as a team.

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