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Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx 3.2.2 Apk

Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx Apk Mod
NameHoroscopes Astrology AstroWorx 3.2.2 Apk
Updated15 Oct 2017
CategoryApps > Lifestyle
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperIndiworx OHG
Google Playde.indiworx.astroworx
Size19.55 Mb
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Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx Mod Apk

AstroWorx Astrology is the Astrology app for ambitious and hobbyist astrologers. This app is ideal for ambitious (hobby-astrologers) or serious interested individuals who wish to dig deeper into astrology.

Features general:

*Chart types: natal forecast/transits Astrotimer, (chart at the moment), solar return synastry combination composite planet arc degree direction and secundary progress

* Swiss ephemeris, Jan 1st 1800 to December 31st 2399

* The planets of the Solar System (including retrograde): Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto

* Asteroids and sensitive points, including retrograde: Lunar Node (mean/true) and desc. (mean/true). Lilith (mean true interpolated). Chiron Ceres Juno Pallas Vesta Vertex Ascendant Middleheaven Part Fortune

* Housesystems: Placidus Koch Topocentric Alcabitius Equal Porphyry Meridian Vehlow Whole Mark Krusinski Campanus Regiomontanus Morinus

* Aspects (applying/separating) : Conjunction Opposition Square Trine Sextile Quincunx Semisextile Semisquare Sesquinquadrate Quintile and Biquintil

* Choose your place of birth or residence from more than 135000 cities (1000 people) around the globe - All time zones (offline). Search online for localities and enter custom coordinates

* Individually turn on/off aspects and planets

* Individually set orb colors and weights

* PDF export/share charts (excl. Interpretations as image QR-Code, or AAF

* The famous Anita Cortesi switzer-astrologer interprets the natal chart

* AAF-Files allows you to import chart data

* Multilingual interface: German English French Italian Portuguese Spanish

Information displayed:

* Drawing of Chart/Radix

* Aspects, as an aspectarian graphic or as a sortable listing by planets attributes or orb sizes

* Separated lists of positions for all planets, houses

* Separation into qualities (cardinal fixed mutable) energies (masculine feminine) elements (fire water earth air) and quadrants/hemisphares


* Natal Chart - Read out almost 500 textual interpretations. Only available in English.

Functions of import and export:

* PDF Share Charts (interpretation text cannot be printed, e-mailed, or exported).

* QR-Codes between devices can be used to share charts

* Radix-drawings shared

* Import and export charts from/to an AAF file. Compatibility with all astrology programs cannot be ensured.

You can choose between dark blue and white themes

AstroWorx does not function as an Astrology-App. There are no general texts, as these can be found in newspapers. There are more to your zodiac sign than Aries Cancer and Libra.

Your personality is described by your Ascendant Moon Mercury Venus Mars. Certain character traits and behaviour patterns are also affected by the position of Pluto and Saturn Uranus Neptune in your natal charts.

Each personality's astrological uniqueness is determined by how the planets are distributed in their astrological housesystem.

Astrology is your gateway to the future! AstroWorx is here! Now!

Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx Mod ApkDownload Horoscopes Astrology AstroWorx Mod Apk

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