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Graphing Calculator + Math PRO 4.15.160 Apk

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO Apk Mod
NameGraphing Calculator + Math PRO 4.15.160 Apk
Updated16 Nov 2022
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
DeveloperMathlab Apps, LLC
Google Playus.mathlab.android.calc.edu
Size8.79 MB
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Table of Contents

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO Mod Apk: You've come to the right place if you are looking for an intuitive graphing calculator that runs smoothly. The Mathlab Graphing Calculator is a graphing app that integrates algebra. It is an essential tool for anyone in school, college, or university who requires more than a simple calculator. This app is meant to replace expensive and bulky handheld graphing calculators. It works with almost any Android smartphone or tablet. Graphing Calculator from Mathlab also displays the calculations on the Android display, making it easy for users to see the results clearly and understand them. Two great features are included in this app. It acts first as a scientific calculator, but it also displays intermediate results as you type. Students can both see and understand how calculations are done and the way to get the answer. The graphing capabilities are second to none! The calculator not only displays the graphs beautifully but also generates and displays the x and y values automatically.

Video: https://youtu.be/6BR8Lv1U9kA

Help site with instructions and examples: http://help.mathlab.us

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO Mod Apk


* Full-screen graphs

* 9 workspaces

* More history and input

* Keep constant functions and expressions saved in the library

* The physical constants

* Internet access is optional

* There are no advertisements


* Hold key to square root cubes and higher roots

* Power use or exponent xkey (x2)

* Logarithms log() log[base]()

*Trigonometric functions sin 2 cos 30deg

* Hyperbolic functions sinhcoshtanh... (hold the key to turn)

* Inverse functions: Hold direct function key

* All complex numbers and functions can support complex arguments

* Derivatives sin xand' = cos x ... (hold x^ key)

* Engineering and scientific notation (enabled in the menu).

* Mode: %

* Binary octal numbers and hexadecimal numbers 0b1010, 0o123, 0xABC

* Load and save your history


* Multi-function graphing

* Implicit functions to the 2nd degree (ellipse 3y2=1 etc.

* Polar graphs (r=cos2th)

* Enter each parametric function on a new line (x=cost t y=sint t).

* Critical points and function roots.

* Diagram intersections

* Calculating slopes and function values

* Click to scroll

* Click on Zoom

* Fullscreen graphs (PRO)

* Function tables

* Download graphs and images

* Tables saved as CSV

* 3-D graphs


* Complex and simple fractions 1/3 = 5/6

* For mixed numbers, you can use space for values between 3 and 1/2

*Use parentheses (1)/(3) (4) =3/7


* Linear equations: x 1=2 (andgt;x=1)

* Quadratic equations: x2-1=0 (andgt); x=-11

* Roots of higher polynomials approximated

* System of linear equations: One equation per line

* Polynomial long division

* Factoring polynomial expansion

* Quadratic and linear inequalities


* Hold n Double tap the dot for a comma enter key

* Combinations of nCr(52),=10

*Permutations of nPr(52),=20

* Example A= [1 2 3 4 5]

* Example B = [2 3 4 5 6]

* Sum sum(A) = 15

* Average avg(A) = 3

* Median median(A) = 3

* Example variance (A) = 2.5

* The population variance varp(A), = 2

* Standard deviation stdev(A) = 1.58... stdevp(A) = 1.41...

*Covariance cov (AB) = 2.5

* Correlation corr(AB) = 1


* Vector arithmetic and matrix operations

* Vector cross product dot product (hold*) and norm

* Matrix Determinant Inverse Transpose, Trace Functions

Download Graphing Calculator + Math PRO Mod Apk


* Physical constants (PRO).

* Functions and constants that can be used by the user (PRO).

* Keep expressions saved for future reference.

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