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go49g+ 1.3.0 Apk Full Paid

Namego49g+ 1.3.0 Apk Full Paid
Updated26 Mar 2019
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
DeveloperOlivier De Smet
Google Playo2s.emul.hp49gp
Size2 MB
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go49g+ Mod Apk

For android, you can use the HP 49G-50G emulator.

– Full Memory Port 0 1, and 2

ROM 2.15 Support (you will need to install it by yourself, see the explanations).

– Auto save/load state (ram and flash)

– HP49G like skin or HP50G like skin.

– Landscape or Portrait mode.

Multitouch keyboard support allows you to shift; while simultaneously pressing another key (ONC, ONandUP… are all ok).

– Save/load to/from stack support level 1 (only object within IRAM).

– Speed ranges from x1 to x10 (max depending on the android device).

HP82240 compatible printer for serial printing (touch right portion of calc.lcd). (in PRTPAR, set line length as 23 characters or 24 characters; default is 80) This will produce bad formatting

Flags can help with full commands (I hope so). (touch left portion of calc.lcd).

– The clock synced to android time. (Timers emulated clocks and ticks work fine).

– Emulate smooth hardware scrolling

This program should work on a screen resolution of at least 800×480.

BEEP command support is broken on android 4.3. Keyclick is not well emulated. (broken on android 4.3 see http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=58113)

You can load the rom by:

1.) Download a Rom Upgrade (i.e.: HpCalc.org Entry named ROM2.15 Use Google with hp4950v215.zip, the official HP name to the file upgrade).

2 – Download the 2MB_215f.bin file (from 2MB_FIX.zip), if you want the complete installation (with all eqlib).

3. Delete the 4950_215.bin file if you only need the rom. (Flash port 2 empty).

4. 4) Place this file into the ;download/ directory on your Android device. To be certain, you can also send it to yourself via mail.

5. Activate the app. You can request permission to view files.

6. If your screen stays black. Restart the app by going to the app manager.

7 – Load the rom and ask for memory recovery. Use the F6 key to respond NO.

8. Alternatively, a black LCD screen indicates that the rom has not been found. To find out if you have a rom, use the menu;about;.

9 – Do not try any other roms, as the first one is already patched.

You can load the file by:

1. Upon first use of the menu tool, load it on the stack.

2 – then download (from http://www.hpcalc.org/ for example) the raw file you want to load and put it in ;sdcard/go49gp/files; with a file manager (i.e. Linda commander or Ghost manager

3 – on kitkat device import/export is now at /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp49gp/files instead of /go49gp

3 – Next do menu tool Load on Stack your file to appear select it

4. – As indicated by the popup now, press ;ON’ key to refresh stack display

5. Voila! Your file has been loaded onto the stack. Now you can do whatever with it

6. – If you aren’t sure what to do, get an HP49 manual!


– no arm support

– no hp sd card support

– no grayscale support.

Serial only, but as a printer

This can lead to graphics problems.

To access the menu on S5 phones, long-press the right button.

You can find more information and help on the website:


go49g+ Mod Apk
Download go49g+ Mod Apk

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