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Frostborn Apk Mod

Frostborn: Action RPG Apk Mod
NameFrostborn Apk Mod
Updated27 Jun 2024
CategoryAdventure > Games
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playvalhalla.survival.craft.z
Size644.59 MB
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Table of Contents

Frostborn Action RPG Mod Apk: With your friends, subdue the power of the gods to confront the army the dead. Build a capital city from scratch to make the land of the Vikings again great. Then, set out for new treasures and victories on unexplored terrains. You will find all of these and much more in Frostborn, the online survival game

The dead wander freely in the Midgard wilderness. All this is due to the goddess Hel. These lands were cursed by her black magic within 15 days. Now she is determined to make the kingdom of the living slave!

Frostborn: Action RPG Mod Apk

Death is no more

Your immortal valiant Jarl is the Jarl of northern warriors, who do not have to face death. Shamans and healers shrug and are unable to understand the reason for this. The only thing that can be done is to arm yourself, and then send the dark creatures back to Helheim.

No one is an island

Frostborn is a survival co-op game that combines MMORPG elements with Vikings. You will be able to team up with fellow Vikings, face the demons hiding in the darkness and at the shrines of Gods, and then fight the other players in raids or random encounters throughout various locations and dungeons.

Assassin or Berserk mage - your choice

You can choose from more than a dozen RPG-style classes to suit your needs. Are you a fan of heavy armor or face-to-face combat? You can choose between Thrasher or Protector Berserk! Do you prefer to shoot at distant enemies with arrows? You have a Pathfinder Sharpshooter and Hunter available! Are you one of the people who hide in shadows but stab in your back? You might try a bandit

Robbery or assassin! There are many more.

At all Costs

You can trade with others players, or assassinate and ambush them in Midgards wilds. Befriend another family to make peace and help each other in raids. These are wildlands, where only the strong survive.

Get to Valhalla by plowing your way

You can use the crafting system found in real MMORPGs to obtain everything that you need to overcome the dark magic of Hel. You can build strong walls, powerful armor and weapons as well as delicious magic food and poisons. If thats not enough, you can build your own Drakkar and raid foreign kingdoms.

Create your city

For visitors to enter your city, they will need to see the strong walls and the artisan shops. Be prepared for long hauls - it is not possible to build a great city in just 15 days. To fight for your place in the sun, coop with the other Vikings or the residents of your city.

There is no daylight below

You can visit the ancient sanctuaries and temples of the gods. Here you will find legendary artifacts, fight monsters that are afraid of sunlight and defeat the dead strongest of them all.

Frostborn, a survival game by Kefir Studios (creators of Last Day on Earth & Grim Soul), is now available. Register now to experience the Viking lifestyle in just 15 days!

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