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Five Hundred 3.04 Apk Full Paid

Five Hundred (500) Apk Mod
NameFive Hundred 3.04 Apk Full Paid
Updated19 Dec 2018
CategoryCard > Games
Requires Android2.1 and up
DeveloperA R C Rowe
Google Playau.tonyrowe.fivehundred
Size3 MB
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Five Hundred (500) Mod Apk

500 is an American card game that involves bidding and trick-taking. It was created in the USA by four people playing as two teams with their partners. This game is particularly popular in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Because the goal of the game, 500 is the name given to it. Based on the hand they were dealt, players bid for how many tricks they could take. The highest bidder wins the hand and points.

This version features a computer player playing against two opponents. You can customize the characteristics of your partner to match your play style. You can have an aggressive or moderate bidder partner.

There are other options.

- NEW!!! You can REVIEW your previous hand cat and make bids

- The ability to adapt the Misere's playing

- The ability to adapt the rules to suit local preferences

For smaller screens, large card displays are available

- The ability to regulate game speed

Ability to toggle between game and background sounds

You can choose to play 3 or 5, depending on your preference

These are some helpful tips for playing this game...

Remember that a trump suit is made up of a joker, a jack (right bower), jack (left bower), Ace King Queen 10, 9, and so on. If say hearts are trumps, then the jack or diamonds is considered to be a hand. In reverse order, if diamonds are trumped the jack is a diamond. For a Misere or No Trumps bid, this does not apply.

Six tricks are the minimum amount that you can bid. You can bid six hearts if you have a partner and you both agree to try for six tricks using hearts as trumps. What number of hearts would it take to be confident in a bid with six hearts? Online, there are many thoughts on the bidding process. You need to consider the strength of your offsuit. Do you have many aces or few? As a guide, 4 hearts might be enough.

You win the bid and can pick up your kitty. It is a good practice to get rid of any offsuits. This will allow you to be able to beat the opponent if they lead you during the hand.

If you're trying to win a bid, it is a smart idea to get trumps early so they don't have to play your offsuit. If you want to prevent a bid from being made, it's a smart idea not to give trumps to the opposition. However, if it can be helped keep your precious trumps to trump offsuit.

If you don't want to follow the suit, you shouldn't be looking for a trump card. Your partner will notice this and may believe this is the suit that can lead you.

You can find many other tips and tricks on 500 here.


You can play against 500 people online by following these steps:


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