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DroidJoy Gamepad Joystick 2.0 Apk

NameDroidJoy Gamepad Joystick 2.0 Apk
Updated09 Nov 2017
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperFlorian Grill
Google Playcom.grill.droidjoy
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DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick Mod Apk

DroidJoy Full Version

Not compatible with consoles

*Server now supports DInput and XInput emulation

*DroidJoy Server 2.0.1. Works on Windows 7 or above

Before you install the app


Download the DroidJoy server software from https://grill2010.github.io/droidJoy.html#download


Start the server from your computer.


Make sure your smartphone and server are connected to the same network. Bluetooth is a feature that you should enable on your computer.


Open the DroidJoy application. Navigate to Connect and then click Search server.

Windows 10 1903: Problem

The server version 2.1.0 does not support DInput. You can still use DInput with the DroidJoy Server version 2.0.4.

DroidJoy allows you to use your Android Smartphone’s controller or joystick as a PC Joystick. Nearly every game can be supported by DInput or XInput emulators. You can play games such as GTA V Call of Duty Need for Speed Sonic Mania GTA San Andreas Counter Strike, and many others.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need help installing the server. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Make sure that the DroidJoy Server is up before you launch your emulator or game. Gamepads that are not plugged in at the time of game play may be ignored by DroidJoy. If this happens, restart the game.

Please visit the following link for more information

Information general

* https://github.com/grill2010/DroidJoy_Server/wiki


* https://github.com/grill2010/DroidJoy_Server/wiki/FAQ

Server Tutorial

* https://github.com/grill2010/DroidJoy_Server/wiki/DroidJoy-Server-Tutorial

How do I install DroidJoy?

* https://youtu.be/jCHxhcYih1Y


DroidJoy transforms your Android Smartphone into a

real gamepad device

It can be used with your Windows PC. You can configure it to suit multiple genres of games. DroidJoy does not just emulate a keyboard mouse, it’s a gamepad. Windows 7 or higher can download the driver and server. You can play multiplayer games together with up to four DroidJoy clients from the server.

You only need the DroidJoy Server software, which can be downloaded from the official site for no cost:


Don’t be alarmed if you get warnings from Windows, or your Firewall.

Tested on Windows Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 10 and Windows 10 If you have any problems with the installation of the server please feel free to contact me at f.grill160@gmail.com.


– Running DroidJoy server on your PC

Android version 5.0 or greater

Version 2.0

– Real gamepad emulation

* Support for multiple clients

* Maximum 14 buttons

* G-Sensor Support

* Buttons volume keys d-pad left/ right joystick

* Connect via Bluetooth or WiFi

Emulation of Xbox 360 controller using native XInput driver

Configuration of the Gamepad Layout

* Modification of templates

Simple connection setup


You can connect multiple smartphones to your computer by configuring the same number of virtual gamespads within the server software.

Not all games will recognize your virtual gamepad. New games only support Xbox gamepads. They won’t work with DInput gamingpads. Before purchasing full-featured software, please try out the free version.

DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick Mod Apk
Download DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick Mod Apk

Download Apk
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