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Converter Offline Material Unit Measurements 12.6.2018 Apk

Offline Unit Converter App: unitMeasure Apk Mod
NameConverter Offline Material Unit Measurements 12.6.2018 Apk
Updated08 Dec 2018
CategoryApps > Tools
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperAmCan Tech : Avi Parshan Productions
Google Playcom.aviparshan.converter
Size1.3 Mb
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Table of Contents

    Offline Unit Converter App: unitMeasure Mod Apk

    UnitMeasure, an intuitive and powerful units converter app on Android.

    It contains over 150 measurements, spread across 17 categories. It works offline without any permissions.


    These are the features

    * Intuitive and Modern Minimal Design

    * Conversions on-the-fly (Results updated in real time as you type)

    * No internet no ads no tracking no permissions

    * Four Different Themes (Light Day Dark, Night Mode).

    * Multi-View Results (You can see all of your conversions at once without switching between tabs)

    *Intuitive controls: Clipboard save (by tapping) or Swap units (by long-tapping).

    * Setting: Enable borders, sort units and change themes. Precision Control allows you to choose the number of decimal places that will be displayed. You can also disable animations or set the default tip percentage.

    * Optimized for tablets and phones

    * All the Popular Metric Imperial Unit and UK Unit Conversions

    * Below

    2 MB

    Storage size

    *Multilingual: This app can be used in English, Spanish, and German


    There are 17 categories to choose from and many other options.

    * Length in Inches Centimeters Foot Yards Meters Miles Kilograms Picometers Milimeters Lightyears

    * Volume: Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups Fluid Ounces Pints Qarts Gallons Cubic Foot Cubic Inches Cubic Centimeters Mililiters Deciliters Liters. (US and UK values)

    * Energy: Joules Calories Kilocalories inch-Pounds Megawatt Hours Kilowatt-Hours Elektron Volts Barels of Oil Horsepower US & Metric

    *Time: Minutes, Seconds, Hours, Days, Weeks and Fortnights. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries.

    * Digital storage: Storage: bits Bytes: KB MB, GB TB and PB Kilobits Megabits. Gigabits

    * Weight/Mass: Ounces Grams Kilograms Pounds stones Metric Tons Tons US Slugs Grains

    * Temperature: Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Rankine Reaumur

    * Area: Square Kilometers Square Meters Square Miles Square Yards Square Feet Square Inches Hectares Acres Ares

    * Pressure: Pascals Megapascals Kilopascals PSI PSF Atmospheres Bars mmHg inHg

    * Programer: Binary Decal Octal Hexadecimal

    * Angle: Circles Degrees Gradians Minutes Mils Quadrants Radians Revolutions Seconds

    * Torque: Pound-Feet Pound-Inches Newton-Meters Kilogram-Meters Dyne-Centimeters

    * Speed: Kilometers per Hour Miles per Hour Meters per Second Feet per Second Knots Mach

    * Fuel Efficiency/Gas Mileage: Miles Per Gallon US Miles per Gallon UK Kilometers per Liter Liters per 100 Kilometers Gallons per 100 Miles US Miles per Liter UK

    * Date Calculations Date Different Date Duration Time Change Time

    * Tipp Calculator: Split the bill among friends and calculate tips.

    * Metric Prefix: Atto Centi Deci Deka Exa Femto Giga Hecto Kilo Mega Micro Milli Nano NoPrefix Peta Pico Tera Yocto Yotta Zepto Zetta

    Calculating Bonuses:

    Date Calculations: Age Calculations When I was asleep Future Date, Past Date Date Date Date Time Difference Time Duration Duration Duration Duration

    Programer Calculations: Convert Binary Octal Decimal Hexadecimal

    Tip Calculations: Divide tips and bills easily between family members or friends (based on a percentage or dollar value).

    UnitMeasure was created because it is easy to use and lightweight. It has everything I need in a unit convertor and it will also suit your needs.

    For more information and policies about the app you can have a look: https://www.unitmeasure.xyz


    * UnitMeasure will not be held responsible for inaccuracies of the information and cant be held responsible for claims or losses.

    Offline Unit Converter App: unitMeasure Mod ApkDownload Offline Unit Converter App: unitMeasure Mod Apk

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