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Computer Science Calculations Mod Apk 3.3.7 Pro

Computer Science Calculations Apk Mod
NameComputer Science Calculations Mod Apk 3.3.7 Pro
Updated17 Nov 2023
CategoryApps > Productivity
Mod InfoPro
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperEttore Gallina
Google Playit.Ettore.calcoliinformatici
Size22.46 MB
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Table of Contents

Computer Science Calculations Mod Apk: Every smartphone needs a tool that can handle various computing tasks seamlessly. The Computer Science Calculations app emerges as an indispensable utility, providing a myriad of tools for users. This article explores the diverse functionalities of the app, from byte conversion to string manipulation, offering a comprehensive guide to its features.

Computer Science Calculations Mod Apk

Tools at Your Fingertips

Byte Conversion

Navigate effortlessly through byte conversion with tools that cover Dec bin oct Hex conversion, Signed numbers (Signed magnitude, Two's complement), and bitwise operations. Additionally, perform bit shifts, rotations, and bit generation with ease.

Password Generation

Enhance your security measures with the app's password generation tool, ensuring the creation of robust and secure passwords.


The app supports encoding and decoding for various formats, including Base 64, URL, and MD5/SHA CRC32 hash generation, providing flexibility in data handling.

Unix Timestamp Calculation

Efficiently calculate Unix timestamps, streamlining time-related computations in your smartphone.

Subnet Calculation

For network enthusiasts, the app offers a subnet calculation tool, making it a handy resource for managing network configurations.

Data Transfer

Simplify data transfer calculations with this tool, optimizing the process for improved efficiency.

Wake On

Explore the Wake On feature, a valuable addition to your smartphone toolkit for powering up devices remotely.

Resources at Your Disposal

Character Encodings

Access common character encodings, including ASCII codes, HTML entities, and special characters, providing a reference for character-related tasks.

Material Design Colour Palettes

Explore the best Material Design color palettes, ensuring visually appealing and cohesive designs for your projects.

Unix Commands

Find a curated list of the best Unix commands, streamlining command-line operations for efficient computing.

Language Codes and Country Codes

Access language codes (ISO 639-1) and country codes (ISO 3166-1), facilitating language and region-specific tasks.

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String Manipulation Mastery

Lines of Characters

Effortlessly manipulate lines of characters with tools for inversion of text, uppercase/lowercase conversion, space and carriage return removal, accented characters cleaning, and string replacement.

String/Binary Conversion

Experience seamless conversion between strings and binary formats, providing flexibility in data representation.

Reporting Issues

For bug reports, please refrain from using the Evaluation System; instead, reach out directly to the developer for prompt assistance.

Computer Science Calculations Mod Info

Pro Version: Unlocked features for an enhanced computing experience.

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