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Camarada 3D Camera, VR Camera 1.9.26 Apk Premium

Camarada: 3D Camera, 3D Video, 3D Selfie, 3D Photo Apk Mod
NameCamarada 3D Camera, VR Camera 1.9.26 Apk Premium
Updated12 Jun 2019
CategoryApps > Photography
Requires Android4.4 and up
Google Playcom.aimfire.camarada
Size44 MB
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Camarada: 3D Camera, 3D Video, 3D Selfie, 3D Photo Mod Apk

The Google I/O Experiments Challenge Grand Prize Winner Camarada, a 3D camera with amazing effects and illusions that allows you to capture 3D photos and 3D video and share them right from your computer.

Cardboard VR viewer support (stereoscope), red-cyan glasses, anaglyph), parallax/cross view, and 3D TV

Solo mode: This mode allows you to quickly capture stereo 3D images by simply panning the smartphone left-to-right. These 3D images can then be converted into 3D GIF or hologram (tiltcard) using Cardboard VR viewers/red-cyan 3D glass (anaglyph). The mode can be used for portrait, landscape or both front- and back-facing cameras. Yes, you can also take 3D selfies!

Dual Phone mode: Camarada allows you to sync and link two phones in order to create stereoscopic 3D videos. These videos can then be viewed in the Cardboard VR viewer/stereoscope. This is the world's best mobile application that can record 3D video. You can now get a 3D camera if you have a second smartphone, whether that's a friend's or an old one you keep collecting dust. This is a great way to save hundreds, if not even thousands on a 3D/VR camcorder.



1. Can my phone have a dual lens camera?

Two lenses are separated by only a few millimeters in dual-lens cameras. Although technically, you can take 3D pictures using them but the effect of 3D/3D illusion is very minimal. Dual-lens cameras can be used for other purposes, such as improving image quality.

2. What is the purpose of dual-mode to capture 3D videos?

To have true stereo 3D, you need to capture with two cameras at once from different angles. This is the law of physics. 3D video capture apps that claim to be stereoscopic 3D using only one smartphone are not true 3D.

3. Are there two phones I can use for dual-mode?

You don't need to - any Android device can be used - no matter what version you have. Camarada takes care of the details and compensates for any differences. Camarada can recognize and use identical phone models and renders higher quality 3D in certain cases.

4. 3D photography can be captured in both solo mode and dual-mode. What's the difference?

The Solo-mode mode is used primarily to take 3D images of static objects. This mode is great for outdoors scenery, for instance. Dual-mode allows you to take 3D images of moving objects.

5. Your 3D App can help me if I'm already a 3D Photographer and have my 3D Camera/3D Rig/3D MPO photos.

Camarada will be your friend. Camarada can import existing 3D images in MPO and side-by-side JPs formats. It also converts them into 3D GIF, smooth wigglegram (smooth flickgram), hologram (tiltcard), parallax view (cross view) formats for your non-techy friends. The most advanced Computer Vision algorithms are used to align your 3D MPO photos to an unmatched level of accuracy, improving your 3D picture quality. Camarada also generates precise intermediate frames, which are great for lenticular print. Your lenticular prints really will pop!

6. What is the point of 3D frames within an app?

This 3D app features a new concept called 3D frames. To stimulate your visual cortex, these 3D frames can be placed on a zero-disparity plane. This feature, similar to split-depth GIFs, greatly improves 3D illusion/effect when viewed naked.

Camarada: 3D Camera, 3D Video, 3D Selfie, 3D Photo Mod ApkDownload Camarada: 3D Camera, 3D Video, 3D Selfie, 3D Photo Mod Apk

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